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1) A Review of the "Creating a Highheeled Woman" Website
2) A Review of "Heikes Heels Page" Website
3) Cathie Jung
4) Spook
5) All Metal High Heel Shoes <<<< ADDED May 8, 2005
6) Permanent High Heeled Women <<<< ADDED February 18, 2006
7) Bizarre Magazine's Most Bizarre Ballet Pointe Shoes <<<< ADDED January 3, 2009

A Review of the "Creating a Highheeled Woman" Website

The website called "Creating a Highheeled Woman" appears to have been written by Robert G. Benson in 1997 and was the #1 "high heels" website at Google at one point in time. Mr. Benson's website contains bizarre or weird stuff about high heels, to say the very least. It is bizarre for most people because it has a distinct "dominant and submissive" or bondage flavor to it.

Furthermore, most of Mr. Benson's black & white photographs and the diagrams about 6" heels appeared in John Willie's BIZARRE magazines that were published between 1948-1959. For more about John Willie, see my Fetish web page.

Part 1:   Training

The website is divided into two parts. In part one, Mr. Benson provides instructions on foot training for wearing very high 4 to 6+ inch heels "correctly" so that the heels can be worn comfortably or "without undue stress" for long periods of time.

When I did research for my book between 1997 and 1999, the most "useful" information about wearing high heels was found in fetish magazines. The writers obviously had knowledge and experience with high heels and ultra-high heels that most people did not have. However, the magazine articles were always short and lacking in full details.

Mr. Benson briefly mentions two training programs: Basic ("4 inch or so" heels) Training and Advanced ("6 inch or higher" heels) Training. Then, he discusses two different methods: an Exercise Method and a Lifestyle Method that apply to both the Basic and Advanced Training programs.

One of the initial problems with Mr. Benson's training article is that he does not define what a "Highheeled Woman" is?   It is important to establish the definition, so that we can determine whether the article is non-fiction or fiction, and whether the information is useful or not.

While the Lifestyle Method eventually limits the "Highheeled Woman" to wearing heels, the Exercise Method allows a "Highheeled Woman" to remain flexible and wear flat-heeled shoes. From this information, we can define a "Highheeled Woman" to be a woman who wears high heels "all or most of the time"; a woman who "normally" or "usually" wears high heels; or a woman who wears "only high heels". Also, to complete the definition, let's add a requirement that the woman must have worn high heels for at least one year.

Now, that we have defined what a "Highheeled Woman" is, we should ask the question "is she fact, fiction or myth?" or simply, "are there any real Highheeled Women"? The answer is "Yes". A few examples are:
  1) Erin Brockovich, the famous paralegal, whose life was made into a movie called "Erin Brockovich". It has been reported that "She only wears high heels." (in Good News Daily - February 17, 2002);
  2) Dolly Parton, the famous actress/singer (born January 19, 1946), said in an interview " I wear my high heels all the time because I'm short. Even my house shoes have heels because I can't reach my cabinets." (in Reader's Digest magazine - January 2006) Dolly also said "I'm only like 5-1, 5-2 if I'm standing up straight on a good day. But I wear my five-inch heels, and I'm a tiny little person with tiny little bones and these big old boobs hanging on there." (on Larry King Live - July 3, 2003) ;
  3) Dr. Elizabeth Rankin Vaughan, a famous medical doctor in Virginia, who wrote she "has been wearing 4 inch high heels most of the time for over 15 years and has not noticed any shortening in her calf muscles.";
  4) Spook, a young woman who has appeared on television and radio because of her corsets and small waist, who wrote on her website in 2002 " Q. What height of heels do i wear daily?   A. Nothing below 5" heels.           Q. How often do i wear the heels?   A. 24-7 except in the shower."
These women were all real "Highheeled Women".

However, I doubt that these women (other than Spook) slept while wearing their high heels. That is usually limited to the practice of BDSM and referred to as wearing high heels "24x7" (except when bathing. Note bathing, calf muscle stretching and ankle flexing exercises and some rest for at least one hour a day can help keep "highheeled women" clean and healthy. Also, note that we do not approve nor disapprove of BDSM activities, but we do believe that performing BDSM activities is spiritually o.k. as long as all of the participants agree to the activities and give their consent. Psychologists can confirm that some people, both males and females, are genuine submissives and really want to do the things that they do. Some men have even paid doms a lot of money to mutilate them with permanent physical scars. We respect their right to freedom of choice and to do what they want to do, as long as it is not a legal crime or hurt others against their will.)

Now, that we have established the fact that there are really "Highheeled Women", Mr. Benson's training information can be taken seriously. Any one who wears or wants to wear high heels often may find Mr. Benson's information to be useful.

There are some similarities between the information Mr. Benson provides and the information in my book titled "All About Wearing High Heels". However, there are also differences with some of his major points.

1) The biggest disagreement concerned the hardware, specifically the foot trainers that Mr. Benson requires in his Advanced Training program for 6 inch heels. They are reminiscent of medieval torture devices. It is a terrible idea to have strips of metal press into the Achilles tendons.

It is possible to master wearing 6 inch heels without these training devices. The devices can be very dangerous to use without a knowledgeable instructor or coach to supervise. Misuse and overuse of the devices can easily damage some of the ligaments and connective tissues in the ankles and feet, preventing one from ever wearing high heels again.

2) Mr. Benson wrote his Basic Training program for "heels of 4" or so" and his Advanced Training programs for "6" (or higher) heels". He does not mention that the size and condition of a woman's legs and feet physically limit the heel height that she can walk well in. Many women can not be trained to walk in 6 inch high heels and even, some with 4 inch heels. Their knees, ankles, and/or feet do not meet the requirements. One absolute requirement is the ability to stand up straight in the high heels.

Also, Mr. Benson does not mention anything about 2, 3, and 5 inch heels. I mentioned using the incremental approach to master the higher heel heights, inch by inch.

There is nothing natural about walking in high heels. It is a skill that usually has to be learned or practiced over time. By gradually going up, the body may be able to adapt better and develop better walking ability in the higher heels.

There is a very big difference between walking in 4 and 6 inch heels. 5 inch heels can help bridge the gap for those who truly want to walk in 6 inch heels. Also, accidents are more likely to happen by going up too high, too fast. Missteps are easier to make as heels get higher.

3) There is some concern over Mr. Benson's website because of its underlying bondage foundation and implications. There are plenty of women who wear high heels as part of their bondage duties, ritual or lifestyle and often, for many hours.

Women, who wear high heel shoes or boots that are too tight or that have pointed toes for many hours, can develop painful foot problems that can also prevent them from ever wearing high heels again. Properly fitted and non-pointed toe shoes can help prevent these problems.

In regards to Mr. Benson's Advanced Training programs for 6 inch (or higher) heels, it should also be specifically highlighted that many women who try to wear ultra high heels fail because their feet are not long enough. Women's size 6 1/2 (US) with short toes, 7 1/2 (US) with average size toes, and 8 1/2 (US) with long toes are usually the minimum size feet needed to wear and walk properly in 6 inch heels. The longer the feet, the better.

The ball-of-the-foot can not consist of toes only. Otherwise, the toes will be damaged. Damaged toes may need surgical pins inserted into them in order to repair, as well as prevent one from wearing high heels ever again.

The ball-of-the-foot must have some of the meaty portion of the sole next to the toes. This enables the ball-of-foot to better support one's total body weight while walking.

Walking in 6 inch (or higher) heels is much more dangerous than in 5 inch and lower heels. So, extra care and caution are necessary. This is what makes the slow incremental approach to mastering higher heel heights, inch by inch, the more sensible approach. One should never try to advance to the next higher heel height until they have fully mastered the one below.

In regards to Mr. Benson's Lifestyle Method, it should also be highlighted that the woman should have at least six pairs of high heel shoes and boots in the desired heel height before beginning to wear them all or most of the time. It is much too difficult to survive without that many pairs. This is even more important for 6 inch (or higher) heels, as they are usually difficult to find and have to be custom made.

Furthermore, some of the high heels should have long pointed, round or bigger toe boxes. If worn on a regular basis, high heels with regular pointed toe boxes are almost certain to squash and damage the toes.

Again, it is important for high heel shoes and boots to fit properly without any tight spots and not have regular pointed toe boxes. This is very important under any lengthy bondage conditions. Otherwise, the woman can easily develop serious foot problems that can prevent them from ever wearing high heels again. Furthermore, shoes that are too tight can cause gangrene that may require the feet to be amputated or chopped off.

Toe nails should be trimmed, whenever wearing closed toe shoes. Otherwise, permanent toe nail problems can develop and negatively affect the way one walks.

Mr. Benson mentioned "You loose some flexibility to wear what you might want otherwise". In my book, I also warned about women who wear high heels too often and over long periods of time (as in using the Lifestyle Method). Overuse of high heel shoes and boots is a feat already accomplished by many women down through the ages. When it happens, their calf muscles and Achilles tendons become permanently shortened. Other tendons and connective tissues in the lower body can also become permanently altered and reshaped for high heel wear only.

There can come a point of no return. When women wears 4 or 6 inch heels all or most of the time for several months, a year, or too long a period of time, they may have problems trying to come all of the way back down to flat heeled shoes. They may need to spend the rest of their lives wearing shoes with some type of heels. Furthermore, when they continue to wear high heels, the calf muscles and Achilles tendons can even become permanently shortened up to the exact heel height worn.

Women who try to come back down after extreme overuse of high heels usually suffer serious painful foot and leg problems for the rest of their lives. Various tendons, ligaments, and other connective tissues in their lower bodies become easily sprained, strained, injured and simply get all whacked-out, hobbling or crippling them for life.

Other than getting artificial prosthesis to replace their legs, their only other option is usually to always wear heels as high as needed for the remainder of their lives. So, they end up becoming permanent high heeled women. In the case of bondage women and various sex industry workers, this can sometimes happen at very young ages.

This is also the same fate met by some devoted high heel wearers and women in occupations that use high heels as customary attire. However, this does not usually happen until their middle age years. If these women do not suffer serious foot or leg injuries or give up wearing high heels first, they also become real full-time women in heels.

Although clearly better than the alternatives mentioned, you can be sure that it is not always fun to have to stand and walk in heels all of the time, even if only one or two inch heels for the rest of their lives. Women, who must always wear heels, face a number of problems, limitations and challenges.

So, women who choose the Lifestyle Method should be well aware of that and be totally committed to wearing heels for life. Otherwise, they should choose the Exercise Method.

There is one point made by Mr. Benson that is worth noting. In his Advanced Foot Training Program for 6 inch (or higher) heels, Mr. Benson pointed out that "standing quietly for long periods in very high heels is beneficial".

Standing is the normal action that babies learn to do, before they learn to walk. Standing in high heels uses one's body weight to help the legs and feet adapt or get use to the high heels faster. Also, standing can help improve one's balance in the specific pair of high heels used.

Standing in high heels for short periods of time (not long periods of time) can be done by anyone as a simple training exercise to help wear and walk better in high heels, especially ultra high heels. As always, the shoes should fit properly with no tight spots and have a big enough toe box.

Standing in high heels can help speed up the progress in any training program and possibly, make that which would otherwise be impossible become reality. Some women fail by giving up too soon in trying to walk in high heels, especially ultra high heels, while some women succeed only after trying many times. This tip about standing is one that can help make the difference between success and failure.

<<<< Added December 27, 2002

As long as 6 and 7-inch high heel shoes without platforms (and 5-inch ones for petite women) are available, there will be women who will put their feet into them and try to walk in them. Based on history, this is a foregone conclusion. With this firm belief, I am issuing the following warning.

WARNING: "Standing quietly for long periods in very high heels", as Mr. Benson suggested, can result in potentially fatal blood clots. Furthermore, this can also happen with lower heels and even, flat-heeled shoes.

The medical term for this is "deep vein thrombosis (DVT)". This is a condition in which blood clots form in deep veins mainly in the legs. DVT has also been linked to sitting for long periods of time in airplanes by men and women wearing any kind of shoes.

The cause of DVT is associated with lack of movement. To avoid DVT blood clots, the legs need to moved around every once in a while.

People can run 26 mile marathons and walk 50 kilometer races without any problem because they are moving and moving keep their blood circulating. Note that walking, even in high heels, can help blood circulation.

So, those who will practice Mr. Benson's suggestion of "standing quietly" in very high heels should do so only for short periods of time. Short periods should be less than one hour or even, just a few minutes at a time.

Also, in regards to time, there is an extreme BDSM organization called the "House of Gord" (based in the state of Washington, U.S.A.), where bondage participants serve as "human furniture". They have documented their activities to last up to a "couple of hours maximum".

Based on that, a "couple or two hours" may be a good figure to use as an absolute maximum amount of time for anyone to wear high heels, while standing or sitting still. However, note that this does not include lying down and sleeping in bed while wearing properly-fitted high heels, which is usually safe to do.

Compared to all of the women that I have seen walk well in 5 inch heels without platforms, those who were able to walk well in 6 inch ones looked more beautiful and sexy. There was definitely something extra with the 6 inch heels.

With that in mind, the intent of all of the information above is not made to discourage nor encourage anyone to train to walk well in 6 inch or any other high heels. Instead, the information is made only with the hope that all individuals who are destined to undergo such training will do so safely as well as successfully.

Part 2:   High Heel Shoe Design

Part two of Mr. Benson's "Creating a Highheeled Woman" website involves shoe design. Most shoe designs shown are truly bizarre.

a) As already indicated, misuse or overuse of the Mr. Benson's "foot trainers" or "Training Slipper" can damage the feet and/or lower legs.

b) The sandheel seems interesting as a beach shoe and could be magnificent if it functions as such. However, these sandheel shoes might lead to twisted ankle injuries in soft or mushy sand areas, unless the shoes had ankle straps or were boots.

c) Never having seen them before, we marvel at the arched cowboy boot design.

d) If a shoe can not be used in walking, then it is really not a shoe. So, the pseudoshoe is appropriately named.

e) The ultraheel (or super high heel) is as Mr. Benson mentions, wearable shoes that require training to walk in. This includes the 6" and 7" heels (with little or no platform soles), as well as 5" heels for petite women.

f) The last set of utlraheel pictures involve ballet (on pointe) high heel shoes and boots. It is impossible to walk down a flight of stairs or down steep hills in them.

For those who have not seen the "Creating a Highheeled Woman" website and want to, it can be found using most search engines or at

Hi there JJ. I would first of all like to congratulate you on a great and informative site. i have read most of the articles and found them very useful...keep up the good work... :))

on another note, i would like to enquire about a site you reviewed earlier this year on your site. it was called Creating a Highheeled Woman. I tried the links you supplied as well as searching for it. both the links came up with a no site by that name type of message. do you know if the url for this site has changed or do you think it has just been taken off of the server????

any reply would be greatful...:))

J.B. - 03 May 2001

Thanks for me letting me know. I found that the link to the "Creating a Highheeled Woman" website is still in a number of search engines including Yahoo! and Google. However, it now appears that the website itself has been deleted. This had to be done by either the author or the web host company.

However, I also found this website resurrected on a server in Germany.
Part One is at the URL:
Part Two is at the URL:

As of June 12, 2001, it appears that the original website has been restored at and

You can also try these URL's:


A Review of "Heikes Heels Page" Website

In this world, there are norms and extremes with nearly everything. Heike's web site involves the extreme, i.e. extremely high heels. It is a German site that was started in 1999 and renovated late last year. The new website is more esthetically pleasing to look at.

I first visited Heike's original web site last year, via a link on the "Creating a High heeled Woman" website. What I saw frightened me very much. It was like looking at unwrapped Chinese bound feet.

Heike showed pictures of a particular training device that locked down the feet and legs of some individual and the results afterwards. The feet appear to be bent out of shape and the foot arches are very high and across the entire feet. Such arches are difficult to balance on and can not support an over-weighted person.

You can view these pictures, that have been archived on another website, by clicking on Heikes Old (1999) Web Page

What attaches the many bones in the feet and legs are ligaments, muscles, and other connective tissues. It may be possible for some people to get more flexibility in their feet by using stretching devices. However, it is also possible to overstretch and even, tear these connective tissues. It is similar to breaking a chicken leg or wing.

If any connective tissue is overstretched, it may not contract back into its normal shape and the person can end up unable to walk normally in low heels. Also, if the stretching device is being administered by another person, it is very possible to tear some ligaments and the person can end up unable to walk at all (without crutches).

So, as indicated elsewhere on this website, we are fully against using any stretching devices. However, there are obviously people who will not see or heed this warning. If they use stretching devices, then hopefully they do so carefully.

Heike's new web site offers some of the most bizarre stuff involving high heels that I seen so far. This involves numerous pictures, MPG's or video clips, and training information using stretching devices to wear mega-heels or the highest of high heels

Heikes Heels Page
Click here to visit Heikes Heels Page.

Cathie Jung

Cathie Jung usually wears 5 inch or so high stiletto pumps, when she is at public events or posing for pictures. There is nothing unusual with that, but there are three reasons for giving her a place on my Bizarre web page.

First, Mrs. Jung also has the world's smallest waist. She received recognition by Guinness World Records in 1999 for having a 15 inch (or 38.1 cm) waist from using Victorian corsets 24 hours a day.

Second, Mrs. Jung is in her middle age years. Although she started narrowing her waist 12 years ago (as reported in 1999), she began only after raising her children along with her husband George Jung, a physician. I find it totally unusual for any middle age woman to do something like this. George and Cathie were interested in all Victorian things, including dressing themselves up in Victorian-style clothing.

Third, there are some people including orthopedic surgeons who believe that high heels cause back problems. However, I have never been convinced of this.

While it is well known that standing up in high heels makes the buttock stick out by about 25% more, I see the entire natural curve of the spine become more enhanced and beautiful looking. Also, I have known many young, middle aged and old aged women, who wear high heels and neither mentioned nor seemed to have back problems.

Furthermore, there are many women and men who never wear high heels and get back problems. Most women and men experience back problems from time to time, sooner or later.

With all of this in mind, I find it absolutely intriguing at how Mrs. Jung's back and tiny waist seem to have been unaffected by the high heels. George and Cathie are reportedly still attending international corset events.

Click on the following links here to see some stunning and beautiful pictures of Cathie Jung. Also, click on the individual pictures containing her legs to enlarge the pictures and see her high heels.


Spook is a lovely young woman who is into wearing super or ultra high heels. There are three reasons for giving her a place on my Bizarre web page.

First, Spook had small size 6 1/2 feet, that she made into smaller size 5 1/2 feet via a feet training device similar to that used by Heike.

Second, Spook also wears ballet boots, as they provide her with the highest possible heel to wear without platforms. She does not like platforms. Ballet boots are purely fetish clothing and too bizarre for normal use.

However, Spook is into wearing her ballet boots 24/7 (i.e., 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and wants her tendons to become shortened for wearing them all of the time. Seeing what Spook has done to her waist, I have no doubt that she can achieve any goal with high heels.

I suggest that she contact Guinness World Records (at ) and try to have them establish a record for "Longest Time Wearing Ballet Boots" at perhaps, a week or so. It would be an awesome accomplishment.

It is my understanding that ballet boots can be quite difficult and painful to walk in. Ballet boots also place severe restrictions as to where one can walk. It is impossible or very difficult to walk up and down hills in them, let alone down staircases.

Third, Spook has matched Cathie Jung with the world's smallest waist. Spook is also into wearing Victorian corsets 24/7.

Click here to visit Spook's website.

Note: it is sometimes, difficult to get to Spook's "corset" and "high heel" websites, probably due to network traffic problems. Keep trying at different times of the day. They are definitely worth a look.

Spook offers some of her personal tips on wearing high heels and corsets on her website. I disagree with only one of her points. She states "My goal in foot training is to wear heels permanently. Or at least permanently until i get tired of them and stretch my tendons back out to wear flats again.".

Unfortunately, the calf muscles and Achilles tendons can "really" become permanently shortened. For information regarding "permanently shortened calf muscles and Achilles tendons", see my Problems web page.

It is impossible to tell when shortening will become permanent for Spook, as there are too many factors involved. I can only assure Spook that if she continues to wear her ballet boots 24/7, the time will eventually come when she will be unable to wear any heels lower than than her 8 inch ballet heels and maybe, her 5 1/2 inch heel regular boots. This is because her ballet boots will not allow her to stretch her legs out often enough.

While I do not currently know of anyone who is stuck wearing ballet boots all of the time, I strongly suspect that Spook's calf muscles will also undergo some atrophy with ballet boots. The bulge in her calf muscles, while standing, will gradually disappear.

Calf muscles are compressed or shortened into their shortest size with ballet boots. So, Spook will not be able to use the calf muscles much, if she wears ballet boots all of the time. (However, the calf muscles will never totally disappear. Also, if she manages to work the calf muscles just a tiny little bit daily, then the bulge in the calf muscles will remain.)

Calf muscle atrophy was normal for women with Chinese bound feet. Their legs, below the knees, were always slim.

I do not want to discourage (nor encourage) Spook (or anyone else) from doing her thing. I never like to tell anyone what to do (or what not to do) with their life. However, I am concerned enough to point out what might possibly happen.

If Spook continues to wear her ballet boots 24/7, I wish her the best of luck. Also, for her own sake, Spook should be certain that she is willing to wear high heels for the rest of her life, in case she ends up having to. Hopefully, she is also the kind of woman who really loves high heels and enjoys wearing them.

In regards to wearing high heels permanently, Spook's choice of ballet boots is oddly an excellent one. Ballet boots usually have tight ankles. High heel shoes with ankle straps and boots with tight ankles help support and protect shortened Achilles tendons and ankles. They function like ankle wraps.

.... i'd like to make a correction if i may...i'm not looking to shorten the tendons. i keep flexible.. i just want to be *able* to wear the ballets 24/7 should i choose to. there's no reason for me to damage myself to achieve this. ....

spook - 11 Dec 2001

Dear Spook,

You wrote on your FAQs page "Eventually i'll be able to wear ballet boots all the time when i go out, that's my goal for the heels. The actual result will be that the tendons will shorten and eventually i won't be able to wear anything but heels unless i keep that flexibility up." Also, you wrote on your FAQs page that you wear "nothing below 5" heels" "24-7 except in the shower".

According to the Encarta World English Dictionary, "24/7" means "all the time: constantly or around the clock". So, I interpreted what you wrote to mean that you wanted your tendons to become shortened.

Thank you for clarifying all of this. I am glad that you want to keep flexible and do not want to damage yourself. To keep flexible, it may help to carefully stretch and check the calf muscles daily.

J.J. - December 23, 2001

All Metal High Heel Shoes

Hello JJ! I am writing in response to your October 2004 communication with Gabriel re the stainless steel "6 inch heels forever" torture devices. I won't go into my being a crossdresser/slave to my Wife Carla other than to say it was my fantasy to be "forced" to endure high heels. To say I had a fetish for them is putting it mildly! After viewing my many internet and magazine drawings of slaves in various wild high heel designs, I was happy to see that Carla found the steel ones in one fantasy story the most comical. Basically it was a fictional story about she-male slaves sent to a castle on an island for a lifetime of sexual slavery and one of the first things that happened to each of them was, you guessed it, they had metal high heel pumps welded to their feet permanently. This drove both of us wild! It was too bad we agreed real ones didn't exist. Well, in time, word of what she and I were into got around the office and one day one of the comapny owner's confronted her about our "interesting hobby". In short, he was very intrigued at what we were up to and made us a few propositions. Within a few weeks I was now a slave to both Carla and John. One night she told him all about my "love" for high heels torture and the steel ones. He shocked the living shit out of both of us when he announced they indeed did exist and so long as Carla agreed to give him the keys to the shoes (which would be on me!) he would foot the bill for them.

After months, they arrived! The biggest difference in the pair that we recieved and the photo was in the rear strap as it was shorter than pictured. As it turned out both the ankle strap and arch strap needed to be modified and off to a welder friend on John's we went. How absolutely humiliating it was standing in the shop, in front of the two welding guys and office girl as they toyed and measured. A weeks later we got them back on me they went. They were fun for about the first ten minutes! I was blindfolded and led to something downstairs in John's den/party room. I could feel didfenerent things being clipped to my waistbelt and the blindfold was removed. I was attached to a treadmill! as Carla and John enjoyed a few drinks among other things on the couch, I was introduced to true and extreme high heels torture. The toe bar felt as if it was cutting my foot in half, my toe muscles were in unbelievable pain and the more i shifted my weight around, the more i wiggled amusingly for them. After an hour of this I was out of service as far as wlaking was concerned! Or so I thought. That ordeal began on a Friday evening and it was late Sunday I was released from them. Yes, I was required to bathe and shave with them on! It was Wednesday that I was able to return to work and with limited mobilty at that. I, like Gabriel, am in search of shoes that are a bit more bearable.

I was told about two weeks ago that John is planning a weeklong "pool party" at his summer residence in late June and that I had best be prepared to in them "for the duration" as I will be the waitress for his dozen or so guests. Personally I don't think it'll be possible to survive them things again!.

toni l - 28 Apr 2005

You are very lucky to have a wife and company owner, who allow you to do something so BIZARRE.

<< The biggest difference in the pair that we recieved and the photo was in the rear strap as it was shorter than pictured. As it turned out both the ankle strap and arch strap needed to be modified and off to a welder friend on John's we went. How absolutely humiliating it was standing in the shop, in front of the two welding guys and office girl as they toyed and measured. >>

As you know, Gabriel said the "6 Inch Heels Forever" all stainless steel high heel shoes were of "very poor quality". You should write a complaint letter to the vendor and demand a partial refund for the short straps.

It seems to me that the vendor may be trying to save money by using less stainless steel. The vendor should try to make a higher quality product (and charge more, if necessary) because good reviews will get them more orders.

Also, one can always try to include special instructions with their orders as to what is expected. This can include detailed measurements of the feet and ankles, as if ordering customized shoes.

<< The toe bar felt as if it was cutting my foot in half, my toe muscles were in unbelievable pain and the more i shifted my weight around, the more i wiggled amusingly for them. >>

Properly-fitted leather high heel sandals are usually very comfortable in terms of the toe straps. That is because leather toe straps are a bit flexible and soft, i.e. they can stretch and bend a little according to the shape of the wearer's feet.

Unfortunately, ordinary stainless steel is harder and less flexible than leather. Ordinary stainless steel toe straps need to be shaped with perfect contours or curves that match the feet that wear them. Also, the edges need to be thick and smooth enough to not cut skin. It seems that the vendor already encountered this problem and noted their "wide toe strap is not recommended" with their Style 1 (slippers) and Style 4 (platform sandals) stainless steel shoes.

Also, it appears that the vendor developed the L-shaped toe bars and arch straps as an alternative to keep the feet inside the shoes. However, I am not surprised that the L-shaped toe bars are so painful.

If the shoes did not have the arch straps, the L-shaped toe bars would have really cut your feet in half. That is because high heels put tremendous pressure (from body weight) onto the front part of each foot.

In my opinion, the vendor needs to use thick stainless steel wires or thick stainless steel mesh material (that are more flexible) in making their toe straps. Of course, they would have to special order such material from their metal supplier at additional cost.

<< That ordeal began on a Friday evening and it was late Sunday I was released from them. >>

Two days is a "long time period of time" to wear such torture devices.

If I was you, I would not wear those shoes anymore because of very high probability of permanent damage to the feet by those L-shaped toe bars. (If you sustain permanent damage, you won't want to wear high heels ever again.) Alternatively, I might try to experiment and get very thick wire toe straps added to the shoes. The wires must be thick enough (perhaps, like coat hanger wire??? or thicker???) so that they do not cut through skin. Another alternative might be to wrap lots of first aid tape firmly around the feet and shoes, where toe straps would normally be (hoping the first aid tape will function as a toe strap.)

J.J. - May 8, 2005

Update: January 3, 2009

People are continuing to design and make new metal high heel shoes. Here are links to some that I have seen since my last entry about this topic.

The Latest Invention of the Marquis de Sade (worn) This web page contains an interesting and very pretty pair of metal high heel sandals equipped with pad locks. These shoes also allow the toe nails to be trimmed. So, if these shoes are custom made to fit perfectly and have no rough edges, then they can probably be worn "24x7" and never ever be taken off. However, with the thin metal soles, the person probably would not be able to walk outdoors on rough concrete and asphalt ground surfaces without getting burns and blisters on the soles of the feet. Also, all of the floors indoors would have to be clean and free of pebbles for the same reason.

1) When standing and walking in any pair of high heel sandals, the feet tend to slide down and out of the shoes if the straps are not tight enough. However, if the "metal straps" are too tight, they will probably cut into the skin. So, all of the metal straps really have to be made to fit perfectly.

2) In regards to pad locks, high heel shoes and boots equipped with pad locks appeared in John Willie's BIZARRE magazines, published between 1948-1959 and have been made, sold and worn ever since. Also, special straps with pad locks for use with regular high heel and ultra-high heel shoes and boots have been available for several decades.

As bondage activities vary from soft to hard, so do the use of pad locks. Properly-fitted high heel and even, ultra-high heel shoes and boots made with genuine leather uppers can be locked on for long periods of time, provided toe nails are trimmed regularly.

Unfortunately, shoes made with man-made patent leather uppers do not allow sweat to evaporate, which can lead to serious problems if worn for a long period of time. Also, if the use of pad locks is not done carefully, serious foot problems can develop to the point that the wearer is unable to walk and need costly medical care.]

Props by Sword & Stone This web site contains an awesome pair of metal stiletto heels with leather ankle straps and velvet insoles that are styled for medieval times.

Metal Fetish High Heels, Desires & Creative Temptations This web site contains several designs of metal high heel shoes with wooden heels and platforms, that are probably easier to walk in (especially, outdoors).

Permanent High Heeled Women

There are people (especially on Internet forums) who discuss "permanent" high heeled women and state that women wearing high heels permanently will become crippled in their old age. That is a false assumption or at least, not necessarily true.

People (in the United States of America) have been saying for the past 100 years that Chinese women with bound feet became crippled in their old age. However, in the Chinese documentary film titled "Chinese Footbinding: The Vanishing Lotus" produced circa 2001 (and distributed by Tai Seng studio), there are Chinese women with bound feet, in their 80's and 90's, who could still walk extremely well unassisted and without canes or crutches.

It is reasonable to assume that the same is true for women who wear high heels permanently, regardless of heel height, providing they avoid accidents and injuries. There are many women who manage to wear high heels on a regular basis and are only stopped by accidents and injuries (with medical treatments that always aim to restore to them to flat-footed women).

However, it should be noted that there were Chinese women who never walked "well" with bound feet because they didn't follow instructions properly when they were young girls. The same should probably be expected for women who wear high heels permanently. If they can't learn to walk "well" in a particular heel height (that is too high for them), then they are not going to walk well in them for the remainder of their lives.

Also, in regards to heel height, each person has their own maximum limit. If they can learn and master walking in high heels (up to their maximum heel height limit) when they are young, it is reasonable to assume that they will be able to walk just as well in their old age (again, providing they avoid accidents and injuries). However, they should never try to exceed their (normal) maximum limit (esp., by using medieval training devices).

Furthermore, it should be noted that many people have been born with (congenital) ankle equinus throughout history. They lived their entire lives tip-toeing around and did not necessarily become crippled in their old age.

Finally, there are two ways to become permanently high heeled. First, a person can have or develop permanently shortened Achilles tendons and calf muscles for high heels. Second, a person can have high heeled sandals (that allow all of the toe nails to be trimmed) attached to their feet permanently in whatever way(s) that are possible.

NOTE: I am NOT recommending nor suggesting that anyone become permanently high heeled. It is just reasonable to assume that there are always some people who are interested and/or willing to do so because they love wearing high heels, as a form of extreme body modification, as a form of bondage, or whatever other reason that people who do bizarre things may have.

There are some women (like famous actress/singer Dolly Parton), who have claimed to wear high heels "all the time" or wear "only high heels". Similar stories and photographs can even be found in John Willie's BIZARRE magazines, published between 1948-1959.

Bizarre Magazine's Most Bizarre Ballet Pointe Shoes

I have always been amazed with high heel shoes and boots that are "heel-less" or do not have normal high heels attached. Instead, they usually have a sculpted wedge or an object that protrudes from the bottom of the sole. Some examples of high heel footwear that are "heel-less" (or almost heel-less):


There are many bizarre stories involving high heels in John Willie's BIZARRE magazines, published between 1948-1959. The one that I found to be most bizarre involved a modified ballet Pointe dance shoe, which was actually a "heel-less" high heel ballet Pointe shoe always standing up on pointe.

In Bizarre No. 17 (1956) on pages 45-48, J.D.J. wrote "To me the female foot is most beautiful when the arch is bent to the maximum. ...So, I buy my gal...regular, hard-toe, ballet slipper. ... we discover that the toe of the slipper is really a metal, cup-shaped, cone-like tip, attached to metal arch. ... First we take an iron or steel strap about a foot long. This we bend and shape into a curve to fit from the toes up the base of the foot, on up around the heel, ...ankle and on up the leg...drill several holes along the steel arch of the shoe, then matching holes in the inch-wide steel strap, and rivet the two together. ... When the foot is arched so that the toe points straight down, the metal strap rises to approach the back of the ankle. ... a good design...metal strap should still be about half an inch or so from the back of the leg. At the top of the metal strap we have riveted a leather strap about an inch and a half wide, to go around the ankle. ...compelling the foot to be held with the most tightly strained arch possible. ... she is actually 'On Her Toes' with a vengeance, as long as the straps remain secure about the ankles. ...using a buckle on the ankle strap which has a fitting for a small padlock." Three detailed diagrams were included.

Then, in Bizarre No. 20 (1956) on page 43, Mrs. Louise T. wrote "I had the toe shoes made with steel support and straps as described in issue No. 17.... First it was somewhat inconvenient, but I like being forced to wear them." She also included a photograph of her wearing them.


1) It seems that the basic function of J.D.J.'s modification/addition to ballet "Pointe shoes" is to keep the woman up on her toes (en pointe) continuously until the ankle straps are unlocked and taken off. "Heels" are not needed, as with "ballet shoes and boots with high heels attached".

While J.D.J.'s idea is really fascinating as well as bizarre, I am NOT approving NOR disapproving it. It is particularly difficult to disapprove, after I have seen some women walk in "ballet boots with high heels attached" without any problems. So, it seems that J.D.J.'s idea may work for some people.

2) The arches in the feet are usually bent higher when standing up on toes in real ballet Pointe shoes than when standing up in "ballet shoes and boots with high heels attached". The feet are pointed downwards 90 degrees in ballet Pointe shoes. The toes are directly below the ankles.

Walking or dancing in ballet Pointe shoes up on toes is very difficult and requires special training. Also, regular ballet training is usually a pre-requisites (or required) for ballet Pointe training.

In "ballet shoes and boots with high heels attached", the toes in the feet are pointed downwards only about 75 degrees while standing up because the heels as well the toes are involved in balancing and holding up the woman.

3) I initially did not understand J.D.J.'s idea about keeping the metal strap "about half an inch or so from the back of the leg" until I experimented with a strip of metal. The reason behind it appears to be to try to get maximum leverage on the metal strap and force it to bend more at the arch of the foot, which in turn keeps the woman up on her toes whenever she tries to come down.

Also, that idea implies that the metal strap should be somewhat flexible. However, the metal strap should not be too flexible so that it collapses under the weight of the woman. It seems that the metal strap should be thick and strong enough so that it bends like a Pointe shoe does in forming the high arch, when the woman gets up on her toes.

4) It seems that the metal straps can also be made very rigid and not bend at all with the woman up on her toes. In this case, the shape of the metal strap would have to be customized and pre-bent, so that it matches exactly the high arch produced when the woman is up on her toes in an unmodified Pointe shoe.

However, a very rigid metal strap makes it very difficult to get the foot into the Pointe shoe. If a regular shoe horn was used, it would end up trapped between the back of the ankle and the metal strap. Only a modified shoe horn that is very narrow and can be wiggled to the side of the metal strap so that it can be extracted would work.

Furthermore, getting into a Pointe shoe that is pre-bent with a maximum high arch by a very rigid metal strap while standing up seems to be very dangerous and likely to damage some tendon(s) in the woman's foot and leg. So, for safety, the modified Pointe shoes should probably be put on only while the woman is lying down. Then, she would have to be lifted up (by a strong person) and gently placed on the floor with her feet already on pointe.

5) Getting out of the modified Pointe shoes after standing up for any long period of time may present another problem because the Achilles tendons and calf muscles will have been very compressed and tight. If the ankle straps are removed while the woman is still standing up, her Achilles tendons can easily rupture or be torn while coming down. So also for safety, the woman should probably be helped off the floor and be lying down, before removing the ankle straps.

6) Unfortunately, J.D.J.'s idea has some other serious risks. The fact that the woman wearing these modified Pointe shoes can still move around is very important, as moving around would decrease her chances of developing DVT (deep vein thrombosis).

7) If the woman stands up too long on her toes, she faces the same problem that ballet Pointe dancers face in regards to toe injuries. Toes may bleed and get infected. Nerves within the toes may become damaged and the toes may lose sensation and/or movement permanently. Bones in the toes may break or become fractured.

However, the woman can lie down to rest as needed, while wearing the modified Pointe shoes. Also, toe pads and/or toe padding (like lamb's wool) can and should always be used, but that requires the woman to air out her feet every few hours (because toes need air circulation and real ballet pointe dancers normally do that, i.e., dry, air out the feet and check the condition of the toes every few hours).

8) As with walking in any ultra high heel shoes or boots, there is more danger of falling and accidentally breaking a leg, hip, arm and/or neck. It was recorded that some Parisian prostitutes fell to their deaths in the streets of Paris in the early 1900's (wearing high heels). Anyone who walks in these modified ballet Pointe shoes, "ballet shoes and boots with high heels attached" or any other ultra high heel footwear are really at high risk of injuring themselves and must be very brave and extra careful when walking.

This report was written by J.J. Leganeur, author of All About Wearing High Heels .

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