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"High Heel Club Wear" mainly consists of high heel shoe and boot styles that are advertised as "clubwear". I was unable to find the word "clubwear" in any dictionary, so I will be using "club wear" instead. Club wear refers to clothes and shoes normally worn in gentlemen's clubs, strip clubs, topless clubs or bars, and other places featuring exotic dancing or shows.

With this in mind, I have also placed high heel footwear by Frederick's of Hollywood, Victoria's Secret, and lingerie and similar stores into this category. This is because these stores produce their catalogs entirely or mostly with young women for young women in skimpy outfits.

Furthermore, I have placed all girly and funky type of high heel shoes and boots into this club wear category. The common thread with all of these high heel styles is that appeal mainly to young women and usually do not look good or appropriate on older looking women.

In general, high heel club wear have at least 4 inch high heels, that can go up to 5 inches without platforms and up to 7.5 inches with platforms. High heels club wear can usually be worn anytime and anywhere, except in churches. These high heel styles are usually accepted by everyone, as "girlie wear" or simply stuff that makes young women look more attractive.



Exotic dancers are the main group of people who wear high heel club wear. They are very special, as they are usually very fit, trim, and athletic individuals. They make high heels look good as much as high heels make them look good. Exotic dancers and high heels are a perfect match.

With all of their warm-up exercises and awesome dance moves, exotic dancers are much like tango dancers. High heels seemingly have no or very little effect on their bodies, after dancing around in high heels for many hours.

There are several different kinds of exotic dancers depending on what they do and/or the type of club they work in. Exotic dancers, who usually wear high heels include topless dancers, go-go girls, strippers, table top dancers and lap dancers.


In all of these clubs, many of the cocktail waitresses also wear high heels. Unlike typical Las Vegas cocktail waitresses, these cocktail waitresses usually wear real high heels, that are from 3 to 4.5 inches high. They stand and walk around in their high heels most of the time.

This group of high heel wearers deserves honorable mention. However, it would be inaccurate to think that they are doing something extraordinary, like walking around in constant pain. They usually get "use to" high heels over time, so that there is no or very little discomfort.


Showgirls often wear high heels in their classy entertainment shows. Sometimes, they bare their chests. These shows are staged mainly in large casino showrooms in Las Vegas, Nevada, Reno/Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and sometimes, in Atlantic City, New Jersey and the state of Mississippi. There are also similar type of shows in cabarets and on smaller stages throughout the world.

Show dancers have varied backgrounds and are a mix between stage actresses and exotic dancers. They usually have excellent dancing ability, approaching that of modern ballet dancers. Those who perform in two shows a night for 4 or 6 nights a week can log lots of hours in high heels. However, their high heels are generally a bit lower than those used by exotic dancers.

There are also some performers in popular cross-dressing shows in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, who can be considered as showgirls. The most famous cross-dressing shows in Las Vegas, Nevada have featured Frank Marino (a Joan Rivers look-alike) and Kenny Kerr (a Barbara Streisand look-alike).


Pin-up models pose for photographs appearing in magazines, calendars, posters, and other printed matter. Many of the pictures have the pin-up models wearing high heels.

The most famous "club wear" pin-up models involved Playboy Enterprises. At its height, Playboy Enterprises was comprised of their flagship Playboy magazine publication, clubs, and casino hotel resorts. Playboy magazine has stood the test of time, lasting over 40 years.

Although Playboy centerfold girls are shown nude, they often appear wearing high heels in the centerfold or accompanying photographs. Also, the famous Playboy bunnies, who worked in Playboy clubs and casinos from February 29, 1960 (Chicago Club) until 1991 (Manila Club), always wore high heels as part of their attire.

Playboy Enterprises opened a Playboy Casino with Bunnies in 1999 on Rhodes, but it was sold shortly afterwards. They are currently planning new casinos in Las Vegas and London.


I am not really a fan of professional wrestling as I can not believe and be entertained by all that they do. However, I am a fan of the many women who serve as decoration.

Most of these women dress up to look real sexy. This, of course, includes wearing lots of 4 and 5 inch high heel shoes and boots. Sometimes, they even do amazing things while wearing them.

One of the best known professional wrestling divas was 5'6" Rena Mero (a.k.a. "Sable"). While Sable was with the World Wide Wrestling Federation in 1998, she jumped off of the ring apron (about 3 feet high) while wearing 5 inch spiked heel shoes. That was not magic, but rather an amazing feat performed in high heels.

Sable also has the unique honor of being the only woman to be on the cover of two issues of Playboy magazine in the same year. Furthermore, the first issue sold more copies than any other issue of Playboy.


Adult movie actresses often wear high heels, all different kinds of high heels including club wear styles. Their use of high heels varies, as with most other women who wear high heels.


Lots of sexy girls and young women own high heel club wear and sometimes, several pairs. They often wear their high heel club wear to parties.


Male-to-female cross-dressers or transvestites wear all kinds of high heels, including club wear. If you have never seen any cross-dressers, watch the following movies:

a) Some Like It Hot (1959 with Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis)
b) Tootsie (1982 with Dustin Hoffman)
c) Mrs. Doubtfire (1993 with Robin Williams)

There are many cross-dressers who look much better than the actors did in these movies. This is especially true for professional cross-dressing performers known as "drag queens", who perform in shows and events like Wigstock, held annually in New York City. However, there are also many cross-dressers who look terrible dressed up as females.

In regards to high heel footwear for cross-dressers, male feet are normally wider than females and of D width. Normal women shoes are of B (or medium) width. Wide women shoes are of C (or wide) width.

Sometimes, it is suggested that males with wide feet order women shoes that are 2 sizes larger. Unfortunately, this means that the shoes are approximately 1/2 inch longer, but they are not wider. If their feet are actually wider than B and C width, then the shoes will cause their feet to ache terribly as they are squished at the sides. They need high heel footwear with the proper length and width.


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This report was written by J.J. Leganeur, author of All About Wearing High Heels .

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