Tango Dancing Shoes with High Heels

Dancing with High Heels:

There are many different styles of dancing. Only in a few are high heels ever worn by the ladies, namely disco and tango dancing.

Disco dancing lasted mainly between 1973 and 1980. It is terrible that it went out of fashion. Fortunately, there is still tango dancing, which started in the 1800's and is still going strong.

Tango dancing originated in Argentina and has spread around the world. It is practiced throughout the Americas, Europe, Australia, and Asia. For tango experts who participate in tournaments, there are also different versions of tango.

Dancing Shoes vs. Street Shoes:

One may wonder whether there is any difference between dancing shoes and regular street shoes. The answer is yes. Dancing shoes are lightweight and better constructed to take the pounding a dancer gives to them. However, some dancing shoes are reported to be poorly constructed.

The soles should be preferably made of suede leather, otherwise grated shiny soles. The heels should be medium to thick in thickness for better balance.

Dancing shoes can also be used for street shoes. However, wearing dancing shoes off of the dance floor can ruin them for dancing. So, if you want to wear dancing shoes off the dance floor, get two pairs. Then, use one for dancing and the other for street wear.


There seems to be differing opinions on how ladies tango shoes should fit. Some seem to suggest shoes that are tight for better control and posture. Others seem to suggest the same size as street shoes.

USA Showtime Dance Shoes
seems to suggest wearing a smaller size than street shoes. Read it for yourself, click here
Show Time Sizing Information. While dancing in very tight shoes may provide more control, how do the feet feel afterwards?

USA Bill Rowe - Ballroom Dance Supply
seems to suggest using the same as street sizes for closed toe shoes. However, he suggests using a 1/4 inch smaller for open toe shoes. Read it for yourself, click here
Bill Rowe Sizing Information.

USA Robin Tara of Tara Design
seems to suggest using the same size as normal street shoes for both closed and open toes. Read about it on her webpage, click here
Robin Tara Sizing Information.

There is also an important point to consider in deciding whether to wear closed toe or open toe shoes. Closed toe shoes offer the lady some protection, if her partner accidentally steps on her foot.

Heel Height:

High heels can offer two advantages for the lady. First, high heels challenge the lady by adding some technical difficulty to her dancing. Second, high heels make the lady appear slimmer. High heels also make bigger legs appear thinner and better looking.

There are several thousand tango websites. Most websites that sell ladies tango shoes, have shoes with 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3 inch heels. Only a few websites have (or had) higher heels. They include the following:

USA Bill Rowe - Ballroom Dance Supply (BDS)
had 4" Slim heels on their "Tango Peggy" model.

Tango Peggy 1

The Tango Peggy was available in 2001 in the BDS line of dancing shoes in various leather, patent, and suede colors. Unfortunately, it is no longer available.

Uruguay Uraguay
has 3.5 inch high heels on many of their women's tango shoe styles. Check them out by clicking here
ARIKA NERGUIZ TANGO DANCE SHOES     (Added March 30, 2005)

USA Tara Design - Argentine Tango Shoes
has 3.5" heels on various models. Check them out by clicking here
Tara Design

Tango Links:

Argentina LearnBA Provides travel solutions and accommodation services in Buenos Aires, Argentina as well as tango lessons.

USA Planet Tango This website has just about everything you need to know about tango dancing.

Germany Cyber - Tango This is a directory to many tango websites in English.

Germany Cyber - Tango This is a directory to many tango websites in German.

1 -
photograph is used with permission from Bill Rowe, Ballroom Dancing Supply.

Tango now available at Click Here for Great Movies and Games!


Rent (2005 PG-13;Dance/Musical/Tango;widescreen) * * * (Costars Rosario Dawson, Idina Menzel and Tracie Thoms(II)
HIGH HEEL CONTENT: * * * * various scenes including one tango number)

Assassination Tango (2003 R;Drama/Dancing) * * 1/2* (Costars Luciana Pedraza.)
HIGH HEEL CONTENT: * * * * outstanding)

Tango (1998 with English subtitles PG-13;Drama/Dancing) * * * 1/2*
(HIGH HEEL CONTENT: * * * * various scenes.)

Tango Lesson, The (1997 PG;Drama/Dancing) * * * (Stars Sally Potter.
HIGH HEEL CONTENT: * * * * various scenes.)

Two to Tango (1988 R;Drama/Dancing) * 1/2* (Costars Adrienne Sachs.
HIGH HEEL CONTENT: * * * various scenes.)


I saw the picture of the Tango Peggy shoe that is hot pink on your site. I looked all through the BDS site and found nothing like it. Where are those shoes sold? What do you think of Tara Shoes? I like there comfort but wish they had more styles.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

S.W. - 25 Oct 2004


The Tango Peggy was available at the BDS site in 2001, when I wrote about them. Perhaps, the shoe maker (who made them) went out of business or there was not enough demand to keep the style available.

You can email or call Bill Rowe and ask him. Also, you can ask all of the vendors for tango shoes with full 4-inch heels, if that is what you really want. If there is enough demand, I am sure they can get some made.

Robin Tara dances herself, so I trust that her shoes are as comfortable as possible. Based on what I have seen, she comes out with new styles every year.

J.J. - October 28, 2004

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All About Wearing High Heels

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