Hi! I love your site!

Could you post something on the following on your GREAT site?

I thought I could contribute a celebrity who doesn't just wear high heeled thigh high boots but COLLECTS them as well. DIANE LANE (star of "Unfaithful", "The Perfect Storm", "Judge Dredd" and "Streets Of Fire" is a self-confessed thigh boot nut! She is often seen at Hollywood functions in her kinky footwear, although she says she tends to wear her crotch highs under dresses so nobody actually knows how high her boots go!

Here are some links that you may find interesting. I'll try and get some pics for you. Would you be interested?,+Diane,+Diane

Thanks and keep up the great work at the site. Let me know if you would like further stuff.

D.R. - Fri, 12 Jul 2002

Thanks for the information about Diane Lane. I was quite surprised by it, as I have never seen her wearing high heels before the movie Unfaithful.

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