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What is it like for women who have ankle equinus?

SC - 14 September 2002

Having ankle equinus is usually a very sad story. This is why I chose to write and warn people about it and strongly recommend women who wear high heels often to periodically stretch their calf muscles. Let me also clarify that for me, "ankle equinus" means having permanently shortened calf muscles and Achilles tendons that can only be treated medically with the new "Manual Manipulation Technique" and/or traditional "Achilles tendon lengthening surgery".

Ankle equinus has numerous con's or disadvantages. Oddly, having to wear (properly-fitted) heels is not usually one of these con's, as it becomes normal for these women to do so. The con's are hidden to most observers.

For example, I have already mentioned occasional soreness in the calf muscles and the feet and ankle being stiff as wood. These women can also feel this stiffness in their lower legs, ankles and feet (unless they are wearing high heel shoes with ankle straps or high heel boots with tight ankles).

Second, women who have ankle equinus must avoid other foot problems and injuries, that can easily cripple them (temporarily or even, permanently).

For further information, please see my book.

J.J. - September 16, 2002

Hi J.j

How are you ?
if you remmember my last email, i tell you about my self a little bit.


i ask you to help me how i can be 4 inch permanent high heeled woman. you answer me to think about it alot, and read your book. and i did it!!! and it's must book for any high heeled woman. and yes, i read also the part on the shrinking tendons (chapter 13) and then i first understand about my situation.

but J.j, i now want more then ever to be unable to walk in less then 4 inch heels. to be honest, i try to acomplish this for over a year now, but with any little success. please give me some advises that will accelerate this body process. i didn't go to bad with shoes, or use trainers, but i agree to do anything, it will take.

i try to contact susan in some forums, but with no results.



I.B. - 15 May 2002

Dear Ilse,

Sorry for taking so long to answer your question on how to accelerate the process of going from 2 or 3 inch heels to 4 inch heels permanently. Others have also asked me the same basic and seemingly insane question on how to permanently shorten calf muscles and Achilles tendons faster. I do understand the need to address this issue and will do so as best as I can.

Note that it takes approximately the same amount of time for shortening to happen for any heel height (like 2, 3 or 4 inches), if a particular heel height is worn exclusively. Going from one height to a higher height (like 2 inch heels to 4 inch heels) also takes approximately the same amount of time (as going from flats directly to 4 inch heels).

<< please give me some advises that will accelerate this body process. >>

First, let me provide some background information and state my position on this issue. Then, I will address the issue.

Please note that it is always my policy to not encourage nor discourage anyone from doing anything in regards to wearing high heels.

Shortened calf muscles and Achilles tendons is generally considered as a medical problem (with the permanent condition medically referred to as "ankle equinus"). Ankle equinus due to wearing high heels is normally a very slow process, taking many years to develop. It also appears to happen only with insufficient stretching of the calf muscles.

Some people try to avoid, delay and fight the ankle equinus problem. Some people give into the ankle equinus problem. Some people with ankle equinus get it medically treated, even go so far as having Achilles tendon lengthening surgery. Some people with ankle equinus live with the problem.

My policy is to help people avoid problems. My policy is not to help people get problems! I can not give you any advice on how to develop this problem faster. However, I do have information about this issue. You should also research and verify yourself any information that is of interest.

As I stated in the past, this shortened calf muscles and Achilles tendons problem is quite unique and very strange. It can force a woman to wear high heels and make her a real permanent high heeled woman (not a joke), which can actually be a desirable condition by both the woman and other people as well.

I remember the first time that I looked at the popular web site "Creating a High-Heeled Woman" and realized how there were people who truly love and fantasize over the thought of a woman who always wears 4 (or even, 6) inch high heels. Considering that, it is easy to realize how some women (especially those with a very submissive mentality) may want and actually try to be that woman.

For some people, shortened calf muscles and Achilles tendons that requires one to wear high heels may be less of a problem and more an asset by providing permanent beauty and sexual enhancement. In this case, having to wear high heels due to ankle equinus can be comparable to some forms of body modification including rhinoplasty (or nose jobs) and breast augmentation.

Having to wear high heels also makes a person permanently taller. This is a legitimate reason for doing so.

Furthermore, real people have even done stranger things to their bodies, as reported on shows like That's Incredible and Ripley's Believe or Not. A few months ago, I saw an episode in which a woman had hundreds of pierced jewelry rings all over her face and tongue. There are also more shocking things that are reported and shown at the Extreme Body Modification website.

With such strange and shocking things that real people really do, I decided a long time ago to not judge anything that people do to themselves as either "good" or "bad" (right or wrong, ...), as long as it is not grossly offensive to other people. So, I will not pass any personal judgments on this issue either. Also, I am not aware of any laws in any country that prohibits any of these actions.

So, any woman (including young women of legal adult age) who wants and is willing to shorten her calf muscles and Achilles tendons intentionally and become a permanent high heeled woman has the right, freedom and choice to do so, but must also bear total responsibility for whatever the outcome is. There are some consequences (or disadvantages) that go along with shortened calf muscles and Achilles tendons. All of these consequences are discussed in my book.

Now, in regards to ways to accelerate the shortening process, I am aware of some techniques including those mentioned by Susan. Unfortunately, all of these techniques are "bad" or terrible because of three reasons.

First, these techniques are "unsafe" or dangerous. They cause unnecessary stress and can hamper or slow circulation in the legs and feet. This can result in ugly varicose veins. (Women suffer varicose veins up to 4 times as often as men.) There is even the danger of blood clots forming that can be life-threatening.

Second, these techniques can easily go awry and cause damage to the legs and feet. The person can end up permanently hobbling, limping or walking oddly in high heels.

Third, these techniques involve a significant amount of pain and torture. High heels should never be associated with pain and torture.

Unfortunately, there are no ways (or at least the kind of ways that you and others seem to be looking for) to accelerate the shortening process.

In a way, I have already answered your question indirectly with what I wrote in my book and in my answer to Yamit on April 14, 2002 as to what makes shortening happen "faster" to help people avoid ankle equinus. While all of these ways involve the "normal" use of high heels, they are "safe" (or not life-threatening). For example, wearing high heels boots with tight ankles prevents one from stretching the calf muscles.

You previously wrote in your last email that "For the last year i try to do it. wear only 4 inch and 5 inch heels inside and outside all day". As stated in my book, Chapter 13, Shrinking Tendons, for those who "wear high heels most of the time (50 hours or more a week) ....becomes evident and noticeable as they become older, usually in their middle age years (around 50). However, it can also happen to much younger people." Age 50 (or wearing high heels for about 30 years) is a good "rule of thumb", especially for women who exercise regularly.

Do you exercise regularly? Do you stretch your calf muscles?

It can be worthwhile to study street-walking prostitutes. There is much to learn from them in regards to wearing high heels. As a group of women, their use of high heels has always impressed me the most.

In case you do not know, street-walking prostitutes are the only group of women who have absolutely no choice, but to wear high heels. They are usually forced to wear high heels by their pimps, who can beat them up and even, kill them. Wearing high heels get these prostitutes more customers and the pimps more money.

Street-walking prostitutes usually wear 3 to 5 inch high heel shoes and boots as standard attire all night for 6 or 7 days a week year after year, do a significant amount of walking on hard concrete city sidewalks and look real good doing so. (Note that walking, even in high heels, can help blood circulation.)

Under these severe conditions, the shortening process can be accelerated and may take only 5, 10 or 15 years. Considering the fact that most street-walking prostitutes start as teenagers, this is how young women (20, 25 or 30 years old) can end up with ankle equinus.

The most important fact is that street-walking prostitutes who have to deal with the ankle equinus problem usually do so by giving into it and living with it. They usually do not have any other choice.

It can also be worthwhile to study the practice of BDSM. In heavy BDSM activities, submissives or slaves (who are real people) sometimes wear high heel and ultra-high heel shoes and boots (that are properly fitted with no tight spots, of course) for long periods of time, even for a few days straight (taking sponge or towel bathes only).

Based on this, I wrote Susan (see my email posted on March 24, 2001 on my Jenny web page) and asked her "I wonder why you did not simply try to wear a pair high heels with round toes and ankle straps (or a pair of high heel boots with round toes and tight ankles) all of the time for a year or two (at most)?". This would have been in lieu of the months of torture (she used the word "sufferance") that she went through.

Note that "all of the time" means "24/7" (or 24 hours a day for seven days a week except when one bathes or showers). In a way, wearing high heels "24/7" is like having a pair of leg casts on.

It takes about 6 to 18 months for Achilles tendons to heal in leg casts after Achilles tendons lengthening surgery. Considering that, one might theorize or speculate that it may take about the same amount of time (6 to 18 months) for calf muscles and Achilles tendons to become permanently shortened for a particular heel height by wearing high heels "24/7".

However, it is impossible to tell exactly how quick or long it will take for any individual to develop ankle equinus to a specific degree (or permanently shortened calf muscles and Achilles tendons for a particular heel height) under any conditions. There are too many factors to consider.

I am concerned for your safety and well-being and hope that you are as well. If you really want more shortening, then you should simply wait patiently for it.

<< i try to contact susan in some forums, but with no results. >>

If you still want the "faster" ways, then you must get them from someone else. Susan still visits Jenny's original message board once in a while (link to board is on my Jenny web page). She now signs her postings as "Susan (the original)" because of other Susan's. You can also ask the other visitors (like Arno), what Susan said she did.

J.J. - December 2, 2002


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