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who made or sells the shoes from figure 25 in your book?

How much do they cost?

Thank you very much,

L.K. - 25 Nov 2001

Hello, Laura. I hope that you are asking because you really want to wear 6 inch heels and to wear them often.

The custom high heel shoe maker was located in the U.S.A., but unfortunately is no longer in business. While this unique pair of high heels with all 9 features was designed by Marcia, the pair was purchased by one of her BDSM friends and given to her as a gift.

I think that a current fair retail value for these shoes is around $500.00-750.00 US. If this seems expensive, remember that custom high heel shoes range from $300.00 to 2000.00+ US. Also, they would be a bargain compared to some Manolo Blahnik and other high end designer shoes. Furthermore, keep in mind that these shoes were designed for everyday regular use (or all-purpose fashion, club and fetish wear).

If you can not afford the price, try asking your boyfriend or husband to buy a pair for you. As for high heel fetish wear, guys often buy for their girls. No true boyfriend or husband who likes high heels would refuse, unless they can not afford them or do not love you enough.

As I indicated in my book, custom high heel shoe makers are usually very hard to find. They are usually small businessmen who are not well versed in advertising and marketing. They get their business mostly by word of mouth.

With this in mind, many of them go out of business for these same reasons. With a limited number of potential buyers, there are times in which they get too few orders to stay in business.

Before the Internet gained some popularity a few years ago, custom high heel shoe makers were found in mainly two ways:

1) In the U.S.A., custom high heel shoe makers usually set up business near Hollywood in California and near the Broadway theater district in New York. They mainly served theatrical people including actresses, singers and other entertainers. So, they could be located via theatrical costume people.

2) Custom high heel shoe makers also served high heel shoe fetishists. Information about them was spread through that community of people via adult high heel fetish publications and by word of mouth.

There are a few points that you should be aware of: a) It takes another level of advanced skill to make good and wearable shoes and boots with real 6 inch and higher heels without platforms. Very few custom high heel shoe makers have the skill to do the job right. b) Custom high heel shoe makers usually want the shoes to be fully paid for before they start making them and they offer absolutely no refunds. Occasionally, there are customers who are dissatisfied with their finished custom made shoes. So you should be willing to accept that as a possibility before paying. c) It can take up to 6 months to get custom shoes made.

Also, there is third way to get "limited" custom high heel work. It is often possible to request minor changes from shoe retailers who manufacture their own shoes for an extra fee. Ankle straps are easy to add and should cost about $25.00 to 40.00 US extra. Bigger toe boxes (like a semi-pointed toe box or round toe box) are also easy to add and should cost about $10.00 to 25.00 US extra.

The custom shoe maker in England that I listed in my book should be able to make the shoes in Figure 25 of my book. It is my understanding that they have done some custom high heel shoe work in the past. Also, I have seen many of their finished ultra high heel shoes in person to know that they have the skills to do the job. Note that there is a special protocol or way to approach them to help get custom high heel work done. (If you are interested in doing this, email me and I will try to help you through the process.)

Besides the U.S.A. and England, there are also custom high heel shoe makers in other countries including France, Germany and Spain. You can find them yourself, using the ways I indicated above.

In addition to the information mentioned in my book about the shoes in Figure 25, note that:

a) Marcia chose one inch wide straps. You should be able to request ankle straps from 1/2 to 2 inches wide.

b) The all hardwood heels need to be carved out of very hard wood. "White ash" wood has about the minimum hardness needed. White ash is used to make professional baseball bats. Harder woods like "hard maple", "hickory" and "pecan" are better.

c) The built-in ball-of-foot cushions can be made of 1/2 inch thick rubber cut out of rubber floor mats and sent to the shoe maker.

d) The round toe box is what Marcia needed to give her toes enough breathing room for extended use. (She was able to wear these shoes many times for 3 to 4 days periods without ever taking them off. 4 days was the longest amount of time in order to keep her toe nails trimmed and avoid cracked, ingrown and other toe nail problems.)

The type of toe box that you request should depend on the shape of your own toes. Always try to avoid regular pointed toe boxes. From narrowest to widest, you can ask for long-pointed, semi-pointed, round, baby doll or square toe boxes.

e) The cutout on the top part of these shoes was Marcia's way of giving the 6 inch heels a more fashionable look. She chose a "X" cutout, as if adding a X-factor to the shoes. You should be able to request any cutout and/or addition (like bows or embroidery), but expect to pay extra depending on the amount of time it takes to make.

f) You should be able to request the shoes to be dyed in any color. I think that this pair of high heels would be spectacular in white or red.

J.J. - December 2, 2001

My wife has very narrow feet - she wants custom made shoes, just like would be done first class for movie stars and actresses. Can you help us locate a source. Thanks massively,

M.A.R. - 02 Oct 2004


I am reluctant to give the names of any custom shoe makers because sometimes, their very expensive shoes do not fit properly and there are usually no refunds. I mentioned this fact in my book.

So, while I'll mention a couple, I do NOT endorse them. I do NOT recommend them. Whatever business transactions you have with them is strictly between you and them.

There is Grisha (Grisha's Custom Shoes in Canoga Park, California), who has made high heels for actress/singer Dolly Parton. Also, in the Los Angeles area, there is Pasquale Di Fabrizio (Bottega Di Fabrizio's Shoes of West Hollywood, California) who made shoes for Madonna. You can find their current contact information at

Note that to help minimize the possibility of improperly fitted custom made shoes, one should try to get measured in person. Good luck.

J.J. - October 23, 2004

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