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This category also includes most heels that are more than 7.5 inches, which are also referred to as extreme-ultra or megaheels. These high heels involve the use of platforms and/or the straightening out of the ball of the foot to form ballet pointe shoes with high heels attached.

Furthermore, fetish wear includes any shoe and boot styles that are usually worn only behind closed doors, especially for bondage. Therefore, this category includes all high heel shoes and boots that are equipped with padlocks.

Unlike high heel club wear, fetish wear can usually be worn by girls and women of all ages. As long as they are fit and trim, use makeup and wigs, and in the mood for games, older looking women can also wear high heel fetish wear and look good doing so.

WHO ARE THE PRIMARY USERS?     (NOTE: We do not approve nor disapprove of the activities of any of people that are described below.)


The highest of high heels (including ultra and extreme-ultra high heels) are mainly worn in the practice of BDSM, which is basically a game in which participants "role play" masters and slaves in private, semi-private and public settings.

The Coalition for Positive Sexuality, the premier web site for teenagers, includes the definition in their glossary. Click here to read their definition -> http://www.positive.org/JustSayYes/glossary.html

There are various roles in which high heels are usually worn. These roles include the dominatrix (or female master), female slave (or submissive) and the reverse role of the male-to-female cross-dressing dominatrix. Sometimes, the male slave is also dressed up as a female wearing high heel shoes or boots.

(NOTE: Psychologists have confirmed that geniune dominatrices and submissives really do exist. There are books written about them.)

High Heels for the Dominatrix:

The typical and usual attire for dominatrices includes high heel footwear, that is usually of a very distinct domineering fetish style, and leather outfits. Good dominatrices have many pairs of fetish high heels in their wardrobe.

High heels are a very important part of dominatrices' attire and help provide a dominating and stunning look. If it were not for high heels, there might be very few dominatrices.

Furthermore, boots with stiletto heels are the most awesome, dangerous, and frightening footwear that dominatrices can wear. This is because boots are more powerful and rugged than shoes for masters, whether male or female. As for the heels, stiletto type of high heels are actually weapons and can be quite dangerous, like ice picks. Also, the higher the stiletto heel, the more dangerous looking they are.

The best dominatrices know this and comply by wearing boots with very high stiletto heels to fulfill their role as best as they can. These dominatrices and their high heel boots can be spellbinding and very easy for true submissive slaves to like and worship.

Dominatrices' use of high heels varies from one dominatrix to another. Those who are busy and normally wear their high heels can rival the streetwalkers. This can be amazing, as high heel fetish footwear often have pointed toe boxes. Unless the dominatrix has toes that can easily form a point (and some females do), pointed toe boxes can wreak havoc on their toes. It is impossible for people to get "use to" pointed toe boxes, if they have toes that are too big for the pointed toe boxes. The toes will be squashed and bruised and it can lead to foot problems that prevent her from ever wearing high heels again.

It is wise for dominatrices to find high heel fetish footwear with toe boxes that have enough room for their toes and get them custom made, if necessary. As an alternative, dominatrices could wear high heels with open toes or sandals along with matching colored hose.

High Heels for the Submissmive (Slave):

Not all submissives wear high heels. However, those who do form the main group of women who wear ultra, extreme-ultra, and ballet pointe high heel shoes and boots. Also, some of them wear high heels or even, ultra-high heels for long periods of time, up to 24/7 (all day & all night, everyday except when they bathe/shower).

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as the U.S.A.'s most watched television program on prime time had an episode titled "Slaves of Las Vegas". It included mistresses, a dungeon, and an awesome-looking dominatrix in high heels.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation revisited the mistress scene in its first special (and spectacular) 90-minute episode "Lady Heather's Box" on February 13, 2003. This episode was also outstanding in terms of high heels content.

BEWARE: Anyone who practices bondage should never be tied up while standing or sitting for long duration or more than two hours at a time. This is because of DVT or "deep vein thrombosis", in which potentially fatal blood clots can form. For more information about DVT, see my Bizarre web page.

Again, it is important for high heel shoes and boots to fit properly without any tight spots and not have regular pointed toe boxes. This is very important under any lengthy bondage conditions. Otherwise, the female submissives can easily develop serious foot problems that can prevent them from ever wearing high heels again. Furthermore, shoes that are too tight can cause gangrene that may require the feet to be amputated or chopped off.

Furthermore, the Achilles tendons and calf muscles should be stretched on a regular basis. Toe nails should be trimmed, whenever wearing closed toe shoes. Otherwise, permanent toe nail problems can develop and negatively affect the way one walks.


Professional escorts are people who accompany a customer for whatever reason. They usually work for escort companies that advertise in telephone books, classified ads, and through word-of-mouth.

Female escorts may wear any type high heels including fashion, club, or fetish wear. What they actually wear on their dates usually depends on what they own or have access to and what they are asked to wear by their customers.

Escorts are much like normal women, who simply go out for a night in high heels. Depending on the number of hours they actually work, their use of high heels varies with each day.


In many photos and illustrations of fetish pin-up models, the models are wearing high heels. The most famous "fetish wear" pin-up model is probably Bettie Page. Bettie's modelling career began in 1950 and ended in 1957, when she suddenly disappeared by her own free will.

The father of fetish high heel artwork is probably John Willie (a.k.a. John Alexander Scott Coutts 1902-1962), who was the author of Bizarre magazine and other publications between 1948-1959. Mr. Willie's artwork and photography usually included footwear with very high heels.

Currently, there is a German web site with some video clips and pictures of a beautiful woman who walks very well in 6 and 7 inch ultra high heel shoes without platforms. (NOTE: I would link to this web site, but it contains some adult images that may be disturbing to some people. If such images are acceptable to you, the URL of the web site is light-fetish.de)


Another significant group of women who wear ultra high heel footwear are the female companions of high heel shoe lovers.


Prostitution is a sin according to the Holy Bible and I was a bit reluctant in writing about it. However, prostitution is LEGAL in certain places including Nevada (United States) and "Red Light Districts" in Amsterdam, Thailand, Japan, Vancouver (Canada), and elsewhere. Also, prostitutes (or courtesans) are real people and are a fact of life.

There are three basic types of prostitutes: call girls, streetwalkers, and in-house girls. Call girls travel to clients and their use of high heels is similar to that of escorts.

Streetwalkers are low-class prostitutes, who walk or stand around on streets looking for customers. They have existed throughout history and still do today, even in the United States of America. Many streetwalkers start out as teenage runaways and kidnapped girls.

Streetwalkers wear all types of high heel footwear including fashion, club, and fetish wear. Also, they usually wear their high heels whenever they are working and they work unbelievably long hours, often 12 to 16 hours a day and 6 to 7 days a week. This group of high heel wearers use or more accurately, overuse high heels the most.

Streetwalkers who survive for a long time in the streets wearing high heels can become addicted to their high heels. It is this group of sex industry workers who are most susceptible to developing permanently shortened Achilles tendons and calf muscles.

In-house girls:

In-house girls are like call girls and streetwalkers, except they mainly work indoors in whorehouses (or bordellos). Although they may be wearing high heels, it is likely for them to be sitting down most of the time.


Cameron Kippen of the Department of Podiatry at Curtin University of Technology in Australia, has written about retifism or shoe fetishism at The Sexy Foot .

I would add that people's attraction to high heel shoes can be so strong that some individuals have risked their entire future by stealing high heels from women. Some of them get caught, arrested and sent to prison.


John Willie (a.k.a. John Alexander Scott Coutts 1902-1962) was the author of Bizarre magazine and other publications about the art of bondage between 1948-1959. This was during a time when bondage was practiced mostly in secret, definitely not as openly as it is nowadays.

Mr. Willie's artwork and photography depicted acts that were truly bizarre for most novices to the art of bondage in any era. The acts involved the use of items such as leather hoods and outfits, gags, restraints, and of course, high heels.

As shocking as the bondage acts that Mr. Willie depicted were, all of them have been practiced and enjoyed by thousands of participants over the past several decades. In retrospect, Mr. Willie was a true visionary and one of the major historical figures in BDSM.

In regards to high heels, Mr. Willie help build a foundation for the use of high heel fetish wear. He provided some of the earliest photographic and written material on wearing super or ultra high heels. All of Mr. Willie's women wore what seemed to have been the highest heels without platforms that they could possibly wear and walk in. So, Mr. Willie deserves honorable merit and recognition.

Click here for more information about John Willie at Salon.com, which one of the world's premier mainstream online magazines http://www.salon.com/health/sex/urge/2000/03/11/john_willie/index.html

The Bizarre magazines were reprinted in two hard-cover books titled The complete Reprint of John Willie's Bizarre Volumes 1-23 by the German publisher Taschen in 1995. The following are a few highlights in regards to wearing ultra high heels:

On Bizarre VOL 1 No. 4 (1946) page 20, "We asked Achilles (a Theatrical Footwear - Shoemaker) his views on the subject and he stated quite simply that although women who continuously wear extremely high heels become accustomed to them, they never walk long distances on six- or even five-inch heels."

On Bizarre VOL 1 No. 5 (1946) page 13, "I carefully replaced one by one my wife's pairs of normal high heeled shoes with the highest ones I could get (this was before the war), until at last I had her perched on 5-inch heels all the time - a formidable height as she wears a size 4 shoe."

On Bizarre No. 11 (1952) pages 6-8, there are several photographs of Sylvia Soulier standing up outdoors in leather oxfords with thick 7-inch high heels.

On Bizarre No. 11 (1952) page 47, Helen wrote: "My husband was delighted, and at his insistence I have now replaced all my shoes with "skyscrapers" and have literally worn nothing else since."

Helen also wrote: "Thus for years now I have hardly taken a step, even in my own boudoir, in heels lower than four inches. As a result my heel tendons have shortened to the point where I walk with the greatest of ease so my four-inch heels but am completely helpless without them. Strangely, the notion that I am utterly dependent on high heels makes them even more attractive to both of us."

On Bizarre No. 19 (1956) pages 20-24, a woman (with initials P.C.) wrote "I had been in the Blitz (bombing during World War II) and my left leg and left arm had both been amputated... In addition my right hand had been amputated above the wrist...I had become very devoted friends with one of the nurses... she decided to leave the hospital and devoted herself to taking care of me...When going through my belongings, she found a trunk containing my high heeled boots and corsets and one evening she suggested I try them on again... she eventually agreed to release me (from a boot with a 8-inch heel and a small platform inside) if I would "walk" from one side of the room to the other, using one crutch... I managed to develop a mincing hop...As months went by I became more and more accomplished...Nowadays I rarely have the boot taken off, but when I do I find that my foot has become almost permanently set in the position corresponding to the high heel, and that to put it into what was originally the normal position is quite painful and difficult."

On Bizarre No. 25 (1958) page 57, there appears a photograph of several very high heeled boots including a ballet boot with high heel attached.


1) In regards to Achilles' comment in Bizarre VOL 1 No. 4 (1946), there are some women who can walk "fairly" long distances on six- or even five-inch heels. You can see some examples on film. In the movie Leg Sex (available on DVD and VHS), there is a woman, who is wearing heels that are at least 5.5 inches high, walking through Heathrow Airport, out into a cab and then, gets out and walks some more on the streets of London. Also, in the movie Tokyo Decadence (1993 with English subtitles), petite Japanese actress Miho Nikaido walks a very long distance through residential streets of Tokyo wearing heels that are at least 4 inches high.

2) In regards to the articles about Helen in Bizarre No. 11 (1952) and the woman with one leg in Bizarre No. 19 (1956), they are some of the earliest documents mentioning the shortened Achilles tendons and calf muscles problem referred to as "ankle equinus" in medical terminology, outside of medical literature written by and for podiatrists. I referred to what the woman with one leg described as "Stage 1 Temporary Shortening" in my book because her feet could still be put (massaged and pulled back) into their normal position. "Almost permanently set" can eventually become "permanently set", which I refer to as "Stage 2 Permanent Shortening".

That is the condition that Helen described as having, "Stage 2 Permanent Shortening". Helen did seem happy to be permanently stuck wearing high heels, as there are indeed pro's and con's (which are described in my book).

3) For more information regarding John Willie and his Bizarre magazines, see the Bizarre web page.


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