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I am looking for someone who makes high heels shoes I have one leg 1 and a 1/4 inch longer than the other. I have to have all of my shoes altered. Unfortunatly they cannot safely put a lift of that size on heels. So I am looking for someone who can make my heels one with a heel an inch and a 1/4 higher than the other. If you know of anyone who can help me please let me know.

Tina - 9 Dec 2002

One Leg Shorter Than the Other

Dear Tina,

I have known a few people (2 men and 3 women) with legs of noticeably different lengths. However, I have never seen anyone wearing a pair of high heels of different heel heights. Considering that I have seen thousands of women wearing high heels in person, pictures, movies and television, what you want to do is probably un-chartered territory.

I hope that you have always been using a lift with your shorter leg. Otherwise, the hip, knee and/or ankle of your longer leg may be deformed beyond the point of being able to walk well in high heels. Sometimes, this can happen as a result of the longer leg going sideways.

If people with legs of noticeably different length walk normally without lifts, then they would bobble up and down (just as a person wearing only one shoe would). However, they usually compensate with the longer leg going sideways a bit rather than extending the longer leg fully straight forward, so that their heads do not bobble and remain level while walking.

It is this sideward motion that can also make their walking seem a bit odd to onlookers, especially if the longer leg is a lot longer than the shorter leg. Once again, I hope that your longer leg is in good shape.

Before I proceed any further, I must point out that it is always my policy to not encourage nor discourage anyone from doing anything in regards to wearing high heels. If you do wear high heels, then you must bear totally responsibility for whatever the outcome will be.

Unfortunately, a pair of high heels with different heel heights (one being over an inch higher) is not going to look right and good on anyone. Honestly, I am rather certain about this.

However, wearing two totally different shoes can create an interesting look. If I was a woman with legs of different lengths like yours, I would mix up my shoes so that they are as different as possible. For example, I would wear a bright red pump with ankle strap (or ankle boot) with a 3 1/2 inch heel on the longer leg and a gold sandal with a 5 inch heel on the shorter leg.

In this case, accentuating the differences can create a stunning, sexy, unique and even, fashionable look. While some people may laugh, I feel that more people will like the look.

Also, special custom made shoes may not be needed at all. Ordinary high heel shoes and boots available at local and Internet shoe stores may work fine.

I would experiment wearing lots of different styles of high heel shoes and boots with different heel heights (3, 3 1/2, 4, 4 1/2, 5, 5 1/2 and 6 inch heels) to find out what matches up best.

Note that heel height can be measured in several different ways. The most accurate and consistent method is to measure the highest part of the heel in the back straight down to the floor. With this in mind, the height of the heels will not increase one's height by the same amount. The amount of increase is always less.

Here are some estimates:

a) 2 1/2 inch heel increases one's leg length by about 2 inches.
b) 3 inch heel increases one's leg length by about 2 1/2 inches.
c) 3 1/2 inch heel increases one's leg length by about 3 inches.
d) 4 inch heel increases one's leg length by about 3 1/2 inches.
e) 4 1/2 inch heel increases one's leg length by about 3 3/4 inches.
f) 5 inch heel increases one's leg length by about 4 1/4 inches.
g) 5 1/2 inch heel increases one's leg length by about 4 5/8 inches.
h) 6 inch heel increases one's leg length by about 5 inches.

Again, these are just estimates. You will need to determine exactly how much added height a particular heel height gives you. This can be done as follows:

a) sit down wearing a high heel shoe and measure the distance from a particular spot on your ankle down to the floor.

b) measure the same distance while barefoot.

c) subtract the second measurement from the first measurement.

J.J. Leganeur - December 15, 2002

You should add some info, unless of course you are lacking it, about men who wear heels.

I myself wear a size 12 find enjoyment in the pain at various points to include the toes.

I find it amazing that my big toe is at the forefront of the shoe, while the little toe is at the side about 3 inches from the tip.

R.M. - 18 Jan 2003

Men in HIgh Heels

Dear Rick,

I have followed the "Men in High Heels" movement, when "Apres Noir" first advertised its catalog in the Shop At Home Catalogs magazine a few years ago. I am aware that there are still a few guys, who wear high heels in the U.K., specifically England.

However, it has not been enough to affect men's fashion trends. Furthermore, I just checked the Apres Noir web site and found that they no longer sell high heel shoes for men.

As I indicated in my replies to emails last year, I think that the only way such a movement is ever going to succeed is if a high heel shoe is designed specifically for men and the shoes must have chunky heels. The pictures of men in stiletto heels are far too ridiculous. Also, there is always the possibility for fashion designers to revive the centuries-old French(?) men's costumes that included high heels.

J.J. Leganeur - February 15, 2003


There was a boot with no platform that was 7" for size 12. Perhaps you are familiar with another 7" (no platform) boot which is available trough the Internet? Thank you.

A.P. - Wed, 23 Apr 2003

7" High Heel Boots

7 inch high heels (without platforms) have not been easy to purchase in the past few years because of some unfortunate deaths and some custom shoe makers going out of business. Fortunately, there are a couple of shoe retailers that have recently begun to sell 7 inch high heel shoes and boots.

LaPiazza now sells some 7 inch high heel shoes and boots (without platforms). Also, Bad Influence (an adult fetish clothing retailer in New Jersey, U.S.A.) now sells 7 inch high heel sandals and mules/slippers (without platforms).

J.J. Leganeur - April 27, 2003

I came across your website looking for "tiny" high heels. I am 28 and I only wear a size 13 children shoe. I am not a midget or a dwarf just a 4'11 petite girl who would love to find a pair of adult looking heels. I have found cinderella of boston who do carry small shoes, i have found that I can wear a size 3 in there shoes. But alot of there shoes seem to be somewhat on the conservative side, if you know what I mean. I was wondering if you know of any other company that also sells High heels for tiny feet. I am looking for some club wear shoes, something seductive and sexy :) Please write back

Dreama - Tue, 8 Apr 2003

High Heels for Small Size 3 (US) Feet

Dear Dreama,

I assume that you referring to women's size 3 (US or United States), as size 3 (UK or United Kingdom) high heels are easy to find. Also, a size 3 (US) foot is about 8 inches long, not too tiny. A Chinese bound foot is only 3 to 5 inches long, which is really "tiny".

Classic Pumps has several styles of 4 inch high heels in size 3.5 (US). Their "Lulu" style is very pretty and should help in making you look sexy. It has 4 inch high heels with ankle straps, that are usually very helpful for walking in high heels. Lulu also has an open back, that is good for feet that are a bit too short or a bit too long.

Note that a 4 inch high heel (without platforms) is "ultra-high" for a size 3 (US) foot. This is an important distinction because a larger shoe size is often recommended for ultra-high heels. For example, when buying 7 inch high heels without platforms (for people with long feet), a full size or two larger is usually recommended. If the same holds true for 4 inch high heels and small size 3 (US) feet, then a size 3.5 (US) or larger may fit you better.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to tell exactly what size will fit you best for any specific brand and style of high heel shoe. There are (minor) differences in sizing among different manufacturers and styles of shoes. Try to call Classic Pumps and discuss your sizing needs with them.

Also, I have not known of any woman with small size 3 (US) feet and who wore real high heels. However, I have known several petite women with size 5 and 5 1/2 (US) feet, who were able to wear 5 inch high heels on a regular basis and use them for their normal everyday shoes. If you have a good pair of feet and legs, then you might be able to do the same with 4 inch high heels.

Be aware that unless you are skilled in pointe ballet or very lucky, you will need some training. There is information in my book about training that is usually required to walk well in ultra-high heel shoes.

Also, for the best results in terms of walking, one should work her way up in heel height. It is best to master walking in 3 inch high heels, before attempting to walk in 4 inch high heels.

Dainty Feet at (in the U.K.) has a few 3 inch high heels in size 1 (UK). Note that a size 1 (UK) is equal to a size 3 (US).

J.J. Leganeur - April 27, 2003

Hello JJ,

I have been looking for pictures of girls in 6 inch heels with no platform and all I found were the girls had their legs bent or they were leaning forward on something. Is it normal to have knees bent while wearing these? Is it possible to wear these with legs being straight and not bending at the knees?

J.T. - 29 Jun 2003

6 Inch High Heels and Bent Knees


<< Is it possible to wear these with legs being straight and not bending at the knees? >>

I have already answered this question in both my book and web site and all that I have written is accurate to the best of my knowledge. However, I answered this question indirectly. So, I will now answer it directly.

Unfortunately, 6 inch high heels without platforms are too high for most women. Only some women have the ability to "stand up" in them and not bend at the knees and ankles. They usually need a women's size 8 1/2 (United States) or larger feet.

In order for a woman to "walk" in 6 inch high heels, she must be able to stand up straight with no (or very little) bend at the knees and ankles. If there is too much bend at the knees and ankles, she will not be able to walk.

A bend at the knees can usually be traced to a bend at the ankles. If the ankles are straighten out, then the knees will straighten out. In some cases, ankles can be strengthened with exercises (similar to those taught in ballet dancing on pointe) to help one stand and walk in ultra high heels. Ankle straps (or boots with tight ankles) can also help provide some support for the ankles.

Also, it is possible for a woman to "walk well (and look good doing so)" in 6 inch high heels, if she meets the requirements and trains to so. Training is usually required, just as training is usually required to do ballet dancing on pointe and can take up to a year.

Girls do not magically get up on their toes and do ballet the first time they try. However, with desire, dedication and training, they can develop their ability to do ballet dancing on pointe up to several hours everyday.

In 6 inch high heels without platforms, the feet (specifically, middle part of the feet) are flexed downwards about 70 to 80 degrees. In ballet boots with heels attached, the feet are flexed downwards about 80 to 85 degrees. It is more difficult to stand up in ballet boots with heels attached than it is in 6 inch high heels without platforms.

You can see a picture of Spook (a real 23 year old woman) wearing ballet boots with high heels attached and crossing a street on her website (a link to her web site is on my Bizarre web page). Note that Spook's knees are not bent and according to her, she also wears 5 and 5 1/2 inch high heels without platforms "24/7".

Also, when girls get up on their toes and do ballet dancing on pointe, their feet are flexed downwards 90 degrees and their knees are straight. If you have never seen ballet dancing on pointe, it is really beautiful to watch and much appreciated by affluent, well-educated and sophisticated people.

There are usually ballet shows in every major city. There is also a significant amount of ballet dancing on pointe in the movie Center Stage, that you can rent on video.

You might find some better pictures of women wearing 6 inch high heels without platforms elsewhere. So, keep looking. There is a picture of Marcia (a devoted high heel wearer) wearing 6 inch high heels without platforms in my book. Although her knees do not fully appear in that picture, they were not bent (and could not have been bent to any significant degree in the way I asked her to pose).

In regards to looking at pictures on the Internet, it can be difficult to determine the exact height of any heel unless you are familiar with the shoe designer and shoe style. When I worked on my book between 1997 and 1999, I searched everywhere for stuff on ultra high heels and was able to find some really good pictures.

There was a fetish magazine called Leg Show, published and sold in New York City. Some issues of Leg Show published in the mid-1990's had articles with pictures involving 6 inch high heels without platforms.

In the May 1994 issue of Leg Show, the editor Dian Hanson reported (on page 66) that Lili Xene (a fetish model and film star) "is one of few women who can walk gracefully in 6 inch spikes." Also, Lili can be seen standing in 6 inch high heels without platforms and with her legs straight and her knees are not bent (on page 77). In the May 1995 issue of Leg Show, there was a review of Diana Von Laar's video called Leg Sex and a discussion of 6 inch high heels.

Also, there was a one-time published fetish magazine called 7 Inch Heels with one or two pictures of a beautiful brunette model standing up in 7 inch high heels without platforms. If I remember correctly, her knees were not bent or only bent very slightly. Unfortunately, I do not have any other specific information about this publication, as I only saw it at someone's party.

There is the previously mentioned fetish video called Leg Sex (1999), reviewed in the May 1995 issue of Leg Show. It stars four women, but only two women Avril Christiansen (a.k.a. Diana Von Lar & Diana Von Laar) and Christine Tyler (a.k.a. Nikki Tyler) are named in the credits. Note that this movie is not the same as Legal Leg Sex (1999), which also stars Avril Chistiansen. There are no naked men in this movie.

There is a third unidentified woman, wearing a pair of black patent sandals with 6 inch high heels and ankle straps, who greets Avril inside a Heathrow Airport terminal. Later, Avril puts on a pair of red open-toe slingbacks with 6 inch high heels and these two women do some walking on the streets of London, United Kingdom.

If you are wondering how I am certain that these heels are 6 inches high, I have seen too many high heels and ultra-high heels and know exactly what they look like. Also, Avril Christiansen is 1.82 meters or 5'11" tall and the heels look extremely high for her. Furthermore, when these two women walked in these heels, they had the same exact "short stride and erotic gait" that I had seen Marcia (in my book) have when she walked in 6 inch high heels without platforms.

In addition to looking for pictures, you might try to look for real live women wearing 6 inch high heels without platforms. I assure you that seeing them in person is better than looking at pictures. There are some, sprinkled across the United States.

J.J. Leganeur - July 9, 2003

I love medium high heel but why on earth no shoe manufacturer think about giving more sole support on front foot area. No one think about consumers who have flat feet and need to be on their feet more than 8 hours.

K.E.S. - 17 Jul 2003

Arch Support

You have a asked a good question!

1) If you have flat feet, then the problem is with the arches that are located in the middle (not "front") of the feet. Actually, the arch or instep area is in the 2nd quarter of the foot, next to the heel area. So, that is the area that I assume that you are concerned with.

Few people have truly flat feet. Some people have low arches.

Most people have medium arches. Also, some people have natural high arches and some people build up high arches, that are an advantage for wearing high heels and especially, ultra-high heels. (There is additional information about arches in my book.)

2) You are right. High heel footwear usually do not have any significant amount of arch support material inside them.

3) Arch support in a high heel shoe or boot is generally provided by a properly curved shank (or the area directly below the instep) that matches the high arch (spanning the entire width of the foot) that is normally formed, while wearing such footwear. So, the contour of the sole of the shoe can make a huge difference in high heel footwear.

Besides supporting the arch, a curved shank can add more beauty and sexiness to a high heel shoe or boot, when viewed from the sides. Furthermore, a properly curved shank enables the heel bone to be seated at the proper angle on the sole of the shoe.

Unfortunately, there are some high heel shoes and boots that do not have properly curved shanks. It requires properly-trained and highly-skilled shoe makers with care to make properly curved shanks for each particular heel height and particular shoe size. Higher heels/smaller shoe sizes usually need more curvature in the shanks.

A shank that is too straight can cause the heel bone to be seated at an improper angle on the sole of the shoe. This can cause some discomfort in the heel and instep areas and possibly, lead to serious heel pain, plantar faciitis (or inflammation of the plantar fascia that is connected to the bottom part of the heel bone) and other foot problems that can rob a person of her ability to wear high heels ever again.

In case this is unclear, examine the following pictures:

hhpic21 Note how a super-high arch is formed in the middle of the foot, when a girl goes up on her toes doing pointe ballet.

hhpic22 Note how this ballet boot (with heel attached) has a nearly straight shank, that will not match the curvature of the super-high arch that will be formed while wearing the boot.

hhpic23 Note how this 6 inch ultra-high heel shoe has a highly curved shank, that will properly match the curvature of the super-high arch that will be formed while wearing this shoe. Hence, this shoe will support the arch and also, allow the heel bone is to be seated at the proper angle on the sole of the shoe.

hhpic24 Note how this 6 inch ultra-high heel shoe has a straighter shank, that will not match the curvature of the super-high arch that will be formed while wearing the shoe.

Be aware that these ultra-high heel examples were used because the difference in curvature of the shanks can be seen more easily. Medium (like 3 or 4 inch) high heels need less curvature, but definitely some curve (assuming that there is no significant amount of arch support material inside the shoes).

If you really are one of those people who wear high heels more than 8 hours a day, then it is more important for you to try to wear only high heels shoes and boots that have the proper amount of curve in the shanks. Also, try to avoid wearing any of your high heel shoes that do not have properly curved shanks or perhaps, consult with a local custom shoe maker to discuss the possibility of adding some arch support material into them.

J.J. - November 3, 2003

i am wearing high heels to my son's wedding and rehearsal dinner in 2 weeks. both are outside on the lawn. a salesman at neiman marcus told me there is something that snaps onto the heel for outside wear that will keep the spike from going into the ground. i have tried shoe stores, repair shops and the web with no luck. i just found your website and hope you have an idea. can't wait to go get your book. thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.

L.R. - 28 Sep 2004


I have never seen or heard of anything like that. However, you have two options. First, you can wear stilettos as many women do and stay on pavement and walkways only (i.e., avoid lawn areas). Second, you can try to wear thick or chunky high heels that are less likely to sink into dirt.

J.J. - October 23, 2004

Hi JJ,

I been surfing the Internet for more than a month looking for a place to buy a pair of metal material high heel shoes and only found 3 sources, but I'm not totally satified:

On legsworld, a german site, they have something called "Walkingmachines" a 5.5 maybe 6 Inch (or higher) steel heels standing on 3 rubber points. (They don't tell you were you can buy a pair of these shoes or the name of the company that made them).

On "6 Inch Heels Forever" site ( they have some difrent styles of 16cm (6.3 Inch) steel heels. (Unfortunally the shoes have very poor quiality and when you recive them, the shoes are difrent from the picures on the site).

There is another site of a company called Ellis Shoes, but they sale only metal heel platforms, the rest of the shoe is made of custom material.

Do you know were I can buy a good pair of 6 Inch metal high heels? were to contact them? a good supplier or retailer? I'm sending pictures attachments of these 3 high heels examples (walkingmachines,stainles steel high heels and Ellis' metal heel platforms.

Thank you and I hope you can help me finding a good pair of metal high heels.

G. - 12 Oct 2004

Metal High Heel Shoes


All metal footwear are a problem in a number of ways.

First, metal conducts heat and cold. In hot weather, all metal footwear will heat up and can burn the feet. In cold weather, all metal footwear can chill the feet. In very cold weather, they can freeze the feet or cause frostbite. Walking on metal can also result in lots of friction and burn the feet. However, the insides of the shoes can be lined with silicone, leather, felt, velvet and/or other materials to avoid or reduce the possibility of these problems.

Second, all metal footwear can be too heavy (in weight) and make it impossible or very difficult to walk in. I know that the Ellis' metal heel platforms can be actually be worn and walked in, but they would probably be too heavy to walk in with metal uppers. Perhaps, you can ask Ellis Shoes if they can make uppers using light-weight aluminum.

Also, perhaps, someone can make metal footwear by using a combination of aluminum and stainless steel for soles and heels as well as the uppers to reduce weight. Again, if the shoes are too heavy, they will be good for display only, just like the poor quality ones.

Third, the soles in the ball of the feet area really need to be thick enough to withstand uneven ground (like concrete and asphalt containing little pebbles). Otherwise, dents can form in soles and irritate the balls-of-the-feet.

Perhaps, an extra slice of stainless steel (or very hard metal) can be attached to the bottom of the soles. An added slice of wood, plastic or no-slip sole pads would also help, but they would (of course) change the idea of "all metal".

It is unfortunate and really bad business by the "6 Inch Heels Forever" people (and anyone else) to deliver inferior shoes. Their shoes (in the photo you sent me) seemed to be more like novelty shoes for display only.

However, I have seen a different photo of a pair of "6 Inch Heels Forever" all stainless steel 6 inch heels being worn by a lady standing up in them. Also, the "6 Inch Heels Forever" metal shoe designs (especially with true 6 inch heels and curved shank area for better arch support) are the best that I have seen to date. Perhaps, you can ask and negotiate with them to produce better ones that can be worn and walked in.

J.J. - October 23, 2004

[NOTE: I received another interesting email regarding the "6 Inch Heels Forever" all stainless steel high heel shoes. I added it and my comments to my Bizarre web page. May 8, 2005]

hi, i'm the brother of an achon-droplastic dwarf teenager. the two of us are (by most accounts) well dressed people, except that she has never been able to find a single pair of gorgeous shoes for her size. you see, she wears a 4/4.5, and slightly wide --hence the shoes in her size are made for children, and look the part. any suggestions? i was looking to snag something for christmas.

concerned in ontario, ca.,
B.N. - 06 Dec 2004

Small and Wide Shoes


Sorry, I was unable to respond before Christmas.

First, it is not physically possible for a dwarf to walk in high heels. Mid-heels (2 to 2.5 inches) would even be difficult to master.

Second, it is always possible to get custom made shoes for odd sizes. There are usually very few brands of shoes that are available in women's size 4 in C or wide width. One current brand appears to be Sudini with heel heights up to 2.5 inches. The retail price is roughly about $100 US a pair, but that is only a fraction of the price for custom made shoes that can cost $300-3,000 US a pair.

J.J. - January 30, 2005


I have a pair of boots with rubber wedge heels (2 inches high). I was wondering if there is any way to add height to these heels ( to 3 or 4 inches) - do they do that at shoe repair shops or anywhere else? I really appreciate your site and hope you can answer my question.

Jy - 09 Dec 2004

Adding Heel Height

I already addressed this issue on my REPAIR web page long ago.

The heel height of any pair of shoes or boots should NEVER be changed because it would change the balance of the shoes and that can lead to foot and leg problems. In the long run, it is cheaper and safer to buy a new pair of shoes or boots with the desired heel height. However, there are shoe repair shops that alter heel height up to one inch higher or lower.

J.J. - January 30, 2005


If you take two pairs of shoes of the same design, one a women's size 5 and one a women's size 11, both 6" heels, are the heels actually 6" on the smaller size or are they porportionate to the shoe size?

Thank you

DD - 5 Oct 2005

High Heel/Shoe Size

First, there are various ways of measuring heel height. These were described in my book.

Second, heels are usually the same height from women's sizes 5 1/2 to 10 (US). However, depending on the manufacturer and shoe style, the heels may be slightly higher (about 1/4 to 1/2 inch) with sizes larger than 10. Very few retailers sell women's high heel footwear in sizes smaller than 5 1/2 (US).

Third, custom-made and made-to-order high heel shoes usually have heels of the same height for all sizes.

J.J. - November 16, 2005

Subject: What age is appropriate to start wearing high heels?


My research on when girls should start wearing high heels led me to you. Would you let me know your thoughts on this and refer me to any research that might be helpful? Thanks very much for your assistance.

L. H. - 6 Dec 2005

What age is appropriate to start wearing high heels?

Dear Larry,

<< What age is appropriate to start wearing high heels? >>

You can find the answer in my book.

However, I can expand on that answer, which was based on a moderately health-conscious viewpoint, that I determined would apply to the majority of girls and women. It was suggested that it would be best to wait until the body (in particular, the feet) was fully grown, before wearing high heels.

There were two important reasons for that particular answer:

  1. Based on fact, wearing high heels alters the posture. Therefore, one should avoid wearing high heels until the body is fully grown to help avoid potential physical developmental problems, especially with lower body parts.

  2. Based on my personal opinion, wearing high heels while a girl is still physically growing up can stunt (or limit) the growth of her feet. Anyone who has seen the deformity of the feet that wearing high heels sometime causes will strongly suspect that the growth of the feet may be affected as well.

    I prefer that all girls allow their feet to grow to their full length according to their genes because the longer their feet are (even, if only by a half inch), the higher the heels they can wear and walk in.

    However, I do not know (nor do I know of anyone who does know) exactly what percentage of growth of a girl's feet can be reduced by wearing high heels especially on a regular basis. Although, this is something that the medical community can definitely determine via a scientific research project. (They could solicit for very young identical twin sister volunteers along with parental permission, have one of the sisters wear high heels exclusively until she was fully grown up, have the other sister wear flats exclusively until she was fully grown up and then, compare the sizes of both sisters' feet.)

    The percentage of reduced growth would probably to be determined by a number of factors including the amount of growth remaining in the girl's feet, the amount of standing and walking that the girl does, and the style of high heel footwear worn. (Sandals, mules and other open-toe high heel footwear would probably cause the least amount of reduction in growth, while closed-toe shoes with ankle straps and boots with tight ankles would probably cause the most reduction.)

There are other legitimate answers to your question as well, based on different viewpoints:

  • If a strict health-wise viewpoint was used, then the answer would be "to never wear high heels". Also, no alcohol, no drugs, no smoking, eat only organic vegetables, wear respirators outdoors to avoid breathing in pollutants, put on gloves before shaking other people's hands to avoid catching their germs, etc.. Take no risk at all.

  • Another viewpoint could be based on a comparison of young girls wearing high heels and young girls doing pointe ballet. While most people do not think about the negative effects on the health of young girls that pointe ballet can cause, there is nothing natural about doing pointe ballet and pointe ballet is more difficult to do than wearing high heels.

    So, it could be debated that girls can wear high heels, if they are able to get up on their toes and do pointe ballet. Moreover, that statement could probably be proven true, if the girls did lots of exercising and maintained their excellent general physical fitness while wearing high heels.

  • Another viewpoint could be based on street-walking prostitutes, who are often young kidnapped or runaway teenage girls forced into wearing high heel footwear. It could be debated, based on lifelong street-prostitutes who wore high heels beginning in their teens, that any teenage girl should be able to do the same.

  • Another viewpoint could be based on the fact that the ability to wear high heels varies among individuals. Some girls can walk well in high heels with no training, while others can not walk in high heels with training.

    So, it could be debated that if a girl can walk well in a pair of high heels (especially, with no training), then she can wear the heels. Also, it could be debated that if a girl can train to walk well in high heels (esp., very high heels and ultra-high heels) as one trains to do pointe ballet, then she can wear the heels.

All of these alternative answers can be debated with strong, compelling and factual physical evidence. However, once again, I believe that the answer in my book is the "best" answer for those who choose to wear high heels.

<< My research on when girls should start wearing high heels led me to you. Would you let me know your thoughts on this and refer me to any research that might be helpful? >>

"should" implies that the girls are "supposed" to wear high heels [AND THAT IS GENERALLY, NOT SO]. I have previously addressed this issue. (See my People & Styles web pages.) There are very few situations in which girls and women are "supposed" or "required" to wear high heels. The vast majority of girls and women in the world have the freedom of choice to wear high heels or not to wear them.

In regards to young girls wearing high heels, I do have a few other thoughts or opinions on the subject:

  1. Problems caused by wearing high heel footwear can happen to girls and women of any age. Age usually makes no difference. However, certain precautions can be taken to help avoid or reduce most of the common problems. (See my book.)

  2. While wearing high heels by girls and women of any age involves some risk to their health, many other activities in life also involve risk to their health. This includes driving a car or riding in one. People are killed every day in car accidents.

  3. On several occasions, I have seen pregnant teenagers or very young women wearing high heels. My first reaction was usually "WOW!!!" and then, I thought about the stress on their backs. Again, based on the change in posture when standing up in high heels, wearing a baby support bra or harness as well may help support their backs and avoid back strain and injury.

  4. There are individuals in the fetish community, who know about and discuss feet "shaping". It is a fact that the feet can be shaped (to a small degree), specifically to better wear pointed and/or ultra-high heel footwear. The bones and ligaments in the feet are malleable or pliable to some extent, especially when a girl is still physically growing up.

    (Note that I personally care little about the shape of the toe box.)

    Also, some of these individuals seem to know or believe that a girl can grow up and grow into wearing very pointed and narrow (A-width) high heel footwear (with absolutely no extra space in the toe box as with long pointed-toe boxes), if she starts at an early age. (See my High Heel Fetish Wear web page in which a reader in Germany mentioned this point.) While I do not know of any such authenticated case, I have seen some women (older than teenagers) wearing such footwear. Perhaps, they have natural pointed and narrow (A-width) feet.

    In the late 1980's, Frederick's of Hollywood sold 5-inch high heel pumps with genuine leather soles, metal heel tips, very pointed toe boxes and that were closer to narrow A-width than to B-width. Other chain stores (like, Pants Place) that catered to teenage girls and young women also sold high heel shoes that had very pointed toe boxes and were quite narrow.

    Furthermore, based on the Chinese bound feet and street-walking prostitute case models, there is a very high probability that feet shaping for pointed-toe high heel footwear while growing up is possible. Note that Chinese bound feet proved that the growth of a girl's feet can be completely stopped and shaped at almost any age. This was done to millions of girls (some only 3 years old) in China. (See my web page regarding Chinese Footbinding and Beverly Jackson's book titled Splendid Slippers that contains her photographs of seemingly-healthy old women with bound feet.)

    So, in light of the shocking fact that women (including very intelligent professionals) have been getting expensive cosmetic toe amputation surgery in recent years to wear pointed-toe high heel footwear more comfortably (see my Cosmetic Surgery web page), feet shaping may be a better alternative for girls who know and are certain that they want to wear such footwear, when they are grown up. It would be somewhat similar to getting braces for the teeth. However, the results of any kind of feet shaping are likely to vary among individuals (from poor results to perfect results), depending on various factors.

In regards to other resources, please continue to look for them yourself. If you find any about girls wearing high heels, please let me know about it.

J.J. - December 9, 2005


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