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The following is a list of books about or related to high heel shoes. (Highest rating is * * * *).



by Hans-Jurgen Dopp
Parkstone Press Ltd. 2001

This is a brief, but scholarly work about the history of the erotic female foot and toes. Included are numerous illustrations and pictures.


Shoes - A Celebration of Pumps, Sandals, Slippers & More * * * *

by Linda O'Keeffe
Workman Publishing 1996

This is the most comprehensive book about shoes that I have come across. It is a small, chunky book with 507 pages. The book covers the entire history of shoes to date. There are hundreds of pictures of shoes along with many detailed descriptions.


Shoes * 1/2 *

by Stewart, Tabori & Chang
Stewart, Tabori & Chang 1999

Although a lot of work must have went into this book, it is just too short. This book leaves the reader craving for more.


Splendid Slippers - A Thousand Years of An Erotic Tradition * * * *

by Beverley Jackson
Ten Speed Press 1997, 2000

This is the most comprehensive book about Chinese footbinding written by a Westerner. It was estimated that millions of Chinese women had their feet bound when they were children, so that they grew up to have 3 to 5 inch "lotus" feet.

(NOTE: I have recently been in contact with Beverley Jackson and she wrote on January 15, 2001 that "Footbinding does indeed fascinate people. Am amazed at how well sales of my book continue to go three years after publication. Just been reprinted and this time we've done a hardcover edition.".)

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