All Styles of High Heel Footwear & the People Who Wear Them

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This web page and the subordinate web pages on fashion, club, and fetish wear were written mainly in response to emails that I have received. These web pages report on all of the different kinds of high heel footwear and all of the real people who wear them. Anyone who thinks that no one is wearing high heels anymore will be given plenty of reasons to rethink.

Those who have visited this website regularly may have noticed that I have been trying to concentrate on the "fashion" aspect of high heel footwear. The reason for this was simple. There are not many independent high heel fashion type of websites.

However, this website and my book are "all about wearing high heels". So, I want to be fair, accurate and report on all kinds of high heel footwear.

In my book and the book excerpt on this website, I included a section on basic styles of high heel footwear. This was based mainly on what I will now on refer to as high heel "fashion wear".

There are three other distinct kinds of high heel footwear that I now want to recognize, after lengthly consideration. These categories include high heel "club wear", "fetish wear", and "tango dance wear". Tango dance wear has already been reported on my web page Tango Dancing in High Heels.

In general, the high heel footwear in each of these four categories are of distinct styles. However, there are some shoe styles that span and fit into more than one category.

In regards to reporting on club and fetish wear, I do not intend to make this website an adult website. There will be limit as to how far I will take this website in these areas. I may provide explanations of certain terms and describe the various people involved to make the reporting clearer and more meaningful.

Furthermore, I believe that teenage girls, who visit this website, know how to surf the Internet and are smart enough to find any information that they desire. So, I will also provide various reference links to mainstream websites that discuss the same topics.

However, I will definitely not include any dirty pictures. Also, I have received various emails from time to time requesting links to X-rated high heel websites. I am sorry that I can not and will not honor such requests.

I also faced this "adult" predicament when I wrote my book. Since I felt that the information in my book was valuable to teenage girls who wear high heels, I had to draw a line. I had to eliminate content that might be considered inappropriate for them. The final published manuscript contained only sexual terms that were used in my high school "Sex Education" class.

No book retailer has yet categorized my book as an adult book. In fact, it has been classified under art, footwear, health, and other categories.

... how long do girls/women wear there shoes/boots,pumps a day...

t.z. - 8 Jan 2002

Thanks for asking this question, which I once had myself.

If you are looking for a general number, surveys have been done. However, survey results about wearing high heels have always been flawed.

First, normal polling techniques used in surveys do not work for high heels. It is hard to believe that women keep track of the actual number of hours they wear high heels each day. So, it follows that if they do not keep track of the hours, then they can not provide accurate answers.

Second, normal sampling techniques used in surveys do not apply to wearing high heels. High heels are indeed worn by girls and women in the general population. However, within the general population, there are also various groups of people who commonly wear high heels. (Many of these groups of people are identified in the web pages that follow.)

Third, the use of high heels varies in different geographic locations. High heels are worn more in some countries than others. Also, high heels are worn more in urban or city areas than other areas.

Taking all of this into account, it is difficult for any organization to conduct a survey that would provide accurate results about the use of high heels. A scientific study, which would be very costly, is required to obtain a good and definitive answer.

There are a few general statements I can make about the use of high heels, based on my observation.

1) Women find the "high heel look" to be pretty and/or sexy just like men do, but they do not necessarily want to wear high heels for various reasons.

2) Women usually get their first pair of high heels in their mid- and late-teens. As women grow older, they usually wear high heels less often. However, there are old women who wear high heels.

3) Although a particular woman may never be seen wearing high heels, she may own a pair. There are many more women who wear high heels occasionally than those who wear them on a regular basis.

4) There are various groups of women who wear high heels on a regular basis. These groups mainly involve professions or activities in which high heels are commonly worn.

5) There are women who want to improve their appearance at any cost. This includes wearing high heels.

I can also answer your question in a different way, one that may better satisfy your curiosity. The number of hours that girls/women wear high heels varies and spans the entire spectrum of possibilities.

At one end, there are many women who own at least one pair of high heels and seldom wear them. This is usually because the shoes are improperly fitted and too uncomfortable to wear. There are also those who unfortunately can no longer wear their high heels due to various reasons.

At the other end of the spectrum, some women have worn high heels for 24 hours straight. Marcia (the devoted high heel wearer in my book) has often worn high heels for 3 to 4 days periods, without ever taking them off. However, this is usually done only as a marathon BDSM activity.

There are a substantial number of women who wear high heels most of the time. This includes Dr. Elizabeth R. Vaughan. These women can easily wear them all of the time, but usually do not because they have activities requiring flat-heeled shoes to do.

There are also some women who wear high heels all of the time. By that I mean, they wear only high heels, but they do not normally wear them while they sleep and bathe.

The total number of women who wear high heels all or most of the time is only a very small percentage of all women who own at least one pair of high heels. I would even estimate it to be less than 1%. However, the total number itself is significant and these women form a sizable group. Most street-walking prostitutes belong in this category and there are thousands of them around the world.

Note that while women who wear high heels all or most of the time are very special people, wearing high heels only in moderation is more prudent.

Also, it is very important for high heels to be properly fitted (length, width, and toe box) with no tight spots anywhere, whenever they are worn for long periods of time (like 24 hours). Otherwise, gangrene can result and require the feet to be amputated. Any "sharp" pain can indicate a serious problem and high heels should be taken off immediately. "Dull aching" pain in the foot arches and calf muscles can usually be endured without having to amputate the feet or legs, afterwards.

In regards to those who actually wear high heels all or most of the time, they adapt or get use to wearing properly-fitted high heels over time and are able to do so with no or little discomfort. To think that they are in constant pain and continue to wear high heels day-after-day is ridiculous. Proof of this can be obtained from any one of these women. She will usually tell you that she can walk better in high heels than in flats.

However, women who wear high heels all or most of the time are susceptible to developing permanently shortened calf muscles and Achilles tendons. These muscles and tendons can gradually become so severely shortened that walking in lower heel shoes becomes impossible or difficult to do. This undesirable condition may possibly be avoided by exercising regularly and carefully stretching the calf muscles often and every day to keep them flexible.

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This report was written by J.J. Leganeur, author of All About Wearing High Heels .

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